Cruising the Hana Road in a Limo-Van

Imagine a sun-kissed day on the Road to Hana, brilliant with emerald green valleys, outlined by the sapphire pacific and dotted with vibrant red tropical flowers. With Temptation Tours you will not miss a minute of Hana’s true natural beauty as you comfortably relax in your leather captains chair and enjoy a panoramic view from crystal clean supersized windows. Yes, when Temptation Tours was developed we, the owners, experienced the Hana Highway first – then designed the Limo-Van to best view all the treasured beauty of the Hana Road. Thus, with just 6-8 guests per Limo-Van, you will share your adventure with a small group of discerning people who, like you, want to explore the remote in style and luxury. Many of our guests make life-time friends with their traveling companions. With our experienced Maui Tour Guides and the small group dynamics afforded by our custom designed Limo-Vans, a relaxing and pleasurable adventure on the Hana Road is assured.


It seems like centuries ago that my husband, Dave and I started Temptation Tours. The year was 1986 and our first tour was the Hana Picnic. What was the driving force-the reason-the desire we had, to start a luxury tour company on Maui? Actually, the idea was born after a visit to Maui, including a Road to Hana tour with a van tour company, operating 15 passenger vans. Recalling our Maui excursion in a somewhat crowded bench seat van, we both decided that the spectacular Hana Road demands a better means of viewing and exploring. After falling in love with Maui and its beautiful treasure Hana, we decided to honor Maui’s millennium legacy trail with a vehicle that does respectable justice to its stunning scenery and its rich Hawaiian history. Thus, we painstakingly developed and researched our plans and ideas to provide a vehicle that would show-off the Hana road, provide great comfort to our guests and be in harmony with the environment. Therefore, out of this desire to do it right, the Limo-Van was born the Temptation Tours began in 1986.