Month: March 2015

Kona Coffee

After last week’s well-researched post on beer, I was more than ready for a little pick-me-up this week. So, as I was brewing my cup o’Joe this morning, I thought I’d talk a bit about coffee. Specifically, Kona coffee! I’d wager quite a bit that at least one co-worker or sister-in-law asked you to bring… Read more »

Hawaii’s Best Local Beers

Pineapples. Kona coffee. Fresh fish. Your list of island flavors is just waiting to be devoured. What else is on it? If one of your answers isn’t “beer,” then you may be missing out. Plenty of hops-hungry travelers indeed come to the islands to sample some of our tastiest brews, and if you want to… Read more »

Hana Sky-Trek – FAQ

If you’ve spent a few minutes checking out our website, I’m sure you’ve seen our “Hana Sky-Trek” page. As our most popular tour, we host thousands of people every year on our exclusive Helicopter/Limo-Van combination. As you’d expect, we get a lot of questions about it too, so I’ve compiled a list of our most… Read more »

Maui – Retail Paradise!

Like I’ve mentioned before, when people think of Maui, they don’t automatically think “shopping.” Oahu certainly takes the cake when it comes to big malls, outlet centers, and big-name chain stores. While things are certainly changing on Maui (Target is having its grand opening as I write this), it still doesn’t compare to Oahu when… Read more »