Month: July 2015

Our Five Favorite Hawaii Subscription Boxes

One of my favorite shopping trends of recent years is the subscription box. I love looking forward to fun things in my mailbox every month—from snacks, makeup, baby gear, and more. I’m always on the hunt for the newest and most innovative box services, and it seems like there’s a new one popping up almost… Read more »

Hana Picnic – Your Perfect Day in Paradise

Imagine your perfect day on the Road to Hana. Does it include leisurely dips in a fresh pool under a beautiful, natural waterfall? Plenty of time to explore, and a new experience around each hairpin turn of the road? A peaceful, relaxed day, spent up close and personal with the natural, outdoor beauty of East… Read more »

The Aloha Shirt: A Short (sleeved) History

One of the must-buy mementos for a lot of folks visiting Hawaii is the Aloha shirt—and why not? It’s a wearable piece of the Islands, and it’s perfect to wear around the resort, at happy hour, and anytime you’re just digging your toes in the sand. You probably don’t even get it out of the… Read more »

Hana Cave-Quest

  With our four different Road to Hana tours, sometimes it can be a difficult choice for those wishing to make the world-famous journey. Those wanting a relaxing, laid-back day with plenty of time to swim and relax might go for the Hana Picnic. Visitors who really want the full “luxury” experience will love the… Read more »

The Incredible Kukui Nut

I’m sure you’ve come across the all-important kukui nut before. Whether you’ve bought a few of those stylish kukui lei, or you quickly Googled “kukui oil” when Lupita Nyong’o mentioned it as one of her skin-care secrets, the amazing kukui nut has certainly crossed your radar. But apart from making trendy cosmetics and long-lasting lei,… Read more »