Month: August 2015

Maui Swap Meet

Hey, it stopped raining! We’ve had a wet couple of days here on Maui, but things are settling back to normal—for now! We certainly won’t forget that it’s hurricane season. However, plenty of Maui locals are getting down to the business of planning their weekends. With fingers crossed that the sun will still be shining… Read more »

Cruising to Maui? Give us a call!

Last year, Hawaii welcomed 243,390 cruise-ship guests to the islands, whether they arrived by ship, or boarded one upon their arrival. Compared with other visitors, that is a very small number, but it’s still quite a few people who are here to enjoy everything that out unique state has to offer. If you’ll be part… Read more »

Maui’s Cheap Eats

Maybe it’s the last few days of vacation, and a quick peek at your bank or credit card app brings you to the shocking realization of exactly how much you spent on Maui—especially on food! I know, it’s easy to get swept up in the amazing restaurant scene here on the island, especially in the… Read more »

Severe Weather Tips for your Hawaii Vacation

For the most part, Hawaii’s been very fortunate during recent hurricane seasons. Last year’s impact from Hurricane Iselle was certainly felt (especially on Hawaii Island), but it was not nearly as bad as it could have been. Over the last week, Hawaii has been keeping a vigilant eye on Guillermo, a hurricane-turned-tropical storm that seems… Read more »