Month: September 2015

All Aboard! Hosting the Disney Wonder

It had been a while, but we were extremely excited to welcome the Disney Wonder to Kahului Harbor week before last—for a day on Tuesday, September 15th, and then for an overnight on the 18th and 19th. It’s always a special treat to see the bright white, red, and navy blue Disney Wonder in port,… Read more »

MauiWine – A Gem on the Slopes of Haleakala

Sometimes, a day Upcountry is in order, especially when it means escaping the heat in Central Maui for a few hours. This past Sunday, my family took a little trip to Ulupalakua to enjoy some views, some wine, and the peaceful, tranquil vibe of MauiWine.   Situated on the slopes of Haleakala, Ulupalakua and the… Read more »

Solo Travel on Maui

There’s some buzz recently about the increasing numbers of travelers who are going it alone—i.e., taking their major vacations by themselves. I must say, the thought of it sounds exhilarating! Although the focus of this article is on millennials, it highlights that people from all age groups are down to travel solo, all for different,… Read more »

What’s For Lunch (or breakfast) on Tour?

During a day touring the rainforest, or trekking around serene Upcountry Maui, you’ll likely get hungry. That’s why we serve at least one meal on each tour—you need your fuel! Some of the most common questions we hear from guests are about the food, so we know it’s on your mind before you book your… Read more »

Private Charters – YOUR Maui Adventure Tour!

If you’ve taken the time to check out our tours, you may have found the one that’s perfect for you—and that’s great! Plenty of folks feel like the Hana Sky-Trek totally fulfills every idea they had of a day in paradise, or that there could not be a more perfect adventure for them than the… Read more »