Month: April 2016

Spam – A Hawaii Classic

Everyone knows that Hawaii eats more Spam than any other state in the Union. And plenty of folks claim they’d never even think of eating this quintessential canned meat, but we think they’re going about it all wrong. Here’s how we do Spam in Hawaii! Spam is always cooked. Always. Is the Spam you’re thinking of just… Read more »

Top Ten Reasons to go to Maui– right now!

We’d like to think that it’s pretty obvious when it’s time for a trip to Maui, but sometimes you might not realize that golden sand beaches, lush tropical rainforest, and breathtaking ocean views are calling your name as we speak! Here are ten signs that it might just be time to hop on a plane… Read more »

Hawaii Residents’ Favorite Maui Activities

Believe it or not, Hawaii residents need vacations from time to time too! While many kama’aina prefer to visit mainland destinations (Las Vegas, in particular) when they need a getaway, others opt for weekend getaways to other islands. Personally, I love losing myself in the hustle and bustle of Honolulu once or twice a year,… Read more »

Wai’anapanapa – Maui’s Black Sand Beach

The Road to Hana is on plenty of people’s Maui bucket lists, and it’s no wonder why. It’s an incredible, adventurous journey through hairpin turns and one-lane bridges through some of the most beautiful tropical rainforest in the world. Waterfalls, native plants, and hidden beaches lie around almost every corner, and for most folks who… Read more »