Month: July 2016

What’s Your Maui Travel Style?

When planning a trip to Maui, people fall into some pretty distinct categories. Are you looking to do it all, and leave no stone unturned when visiting the Valley Isle, or are you a more laid-back, relaxed kind of traveler? Read on, and find out what tours will be the best for you and for… Read more »

Hawaii’s Favorite Snacks!

If you’ve perused the snack aisles at any Hawaii supermarket, you’ve probably seen “local” snacks alongside the usual Cheetos, Fritos, and Chips Ahoy. What’s in all this stuff? What the heck is “li hing mui,” anyway? Read on, and maybe you’ll be inspired to try some of Hawaii’s favorite treats! Li Hing Mui This is… Read more »

Haleakala Sun-Trek

Have you heard about our Haleakala Sun-Trek? It’s one of our newest tours, and we’ll be the first to brag on it—because it’s totally unique! It starts with an early pick-up at your hotel, condo, resort, or residence; between 6:00 and 6:30 AM, depending on where you’re staying. From there, your Hawaii-Certified Tour Guide will… Read more »

What You’ll See on the Road to Hana

Thousands of people take our Road to Hana tours every year, and while everyone knows the goal is to get to Hana, not everyone knows what to expect along the way! Here’s a list of the major “sights” you’ll see on our Road to Hana tours. Some are longer stops, where you’ll have an opportunity… Read more »