Tours to Haleakala – Which One’s Yours?

haleakalatoursHaleakala is one of the most-visited natural attractions on Maui. Which makes sense, since a dormant volcano is a pretty awesome thing to see! Visitors from all over travel to its summit every day to experience this other-worldly shield volcano crater—seriously, it looks like Mars!

We love visiting Haleakala with our guests, and sharing a first-hand experience with Maui’s legendary mountain. Haleakala is a must during any Maui vacation, so we offer four different tours featuring the “House of the Sun.”

Haleakala Sunrise
Our most popular land-based tour, the Haleakala Sunrise is considered a “rite of passage” among many Maui travelers. This tour features a super-early departure from your hotel or condo (between 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM in most cases) and a drive in a Luxury Limo-Van to Haleakala. You’ll arrive about an hour before “first light,” and your Tour Guide will procure a prime viewing spot for your group of no more than eight to wait for sunrise—before the crowds start to roll in! While at the Summit, enjoy hot beverages and pastries, and explore the national park and its visitor center after Sunrise. Then, we head down to Kula Lodge for a hearty, run-of-the-menu breakfast. Thaw out, share pictures with your fellow travelers, and mingle with your Tour Guide over traditional and tropical breakfast fare. You’ll be guided around the on-site protea gardens, and then have a chance to visit the adjacent gift shop and art gallery before heading back to your hotel by around 10:30 – 11:00 AM. This is the tour for you if you’re a real “bucket-lister” kind of traveler, and are in for an unforgettable early-morning adventure. You’ll also enjoy the stark contrast between the balmy weather at sea level and the near-freezing temperatures at the Summit for sunrise. Who wouldn’t want to say they had to pack a winter coat for Hawaii?

Summit Lavender Sojourn
The Summit Lavender Sojourn is a relaxing, laid-back tour that introduces you to the “quieter” side of Maui. You’ll begin with a 7:00 AM departure from your accommodations, followed by a daylight visit to the Summit of Haleakala. You’ll learn about the formation of the dormant volcano, as well of some of the endemic and indigenous plant and animal life that call the mountain home. Then, you’ll visit Ali’i Kula Lavender, the world-famous lavender farm that features many different types of lavender, as well as a variety of succulents and other plants. Their gift shop is amazing, and features just about every kind of lavender-based product you can think of! After touring, enjoy a picnic lunch at a scenic upcountry location, and then it’s off to MauiWine, Maui’s only winery. Explore their beautiful grounds, and join a tasting of local wines. Finally, take a trip to Makawao Town, Maui’s “cowboy” town featuring art galleries, unique boutiques, and fun souvenir shops, before returning to your hotel by around 4:30 – 5:00 PM. This is the tour for you if you’re a plant lover, and are ready to experience the cooler, more idyllic side of Maui, with plenty of opportunities for shopping!

Crater & Rainforest
The Crater & Rainforest is the “best of both worlds,” featuring both Haleakala Crater and a portion of the Road to Hana. You’ll begin with a 7:00 AM departure, and then journey to Haleakala Crater. After spending some time learning about the crater and the National Park with your Hawaii-Certified Tour Guide, you’ll make your way through the sleepy town of Haiku, and enjoy a delightful “al-fresco” lunch. From there, you’ll begin the Road to Hana, where your destination is Ke’anae Peninsula, a quiet, ancient Hawaiian fishing-village. Learn about how many Ke’anae residents still rely on some of the traditional Hawaiian fishing and farming techniques, and watch as powerful ocean waves crash against the huge, jagged lava rocks on the shore. Take a chance to pick up some world-famous banana bread before heading back to your hotel by around 4:30 – 5:00 PM. This is the tour for you if you want to get the most out of a Maui land tour, without much shopping. The nature lover who wants to learn about the extremely different microclimates housed on Maui will love this excursion!

Haleakala Sun-Trek
The Haleakala Sun-Trek features a helicopter tour for a bird’s-eye view of Haleakala, as well as some of Maui’s most interesting gourmet spots! You’ll begin with a 6:00 – 6:30 AM departure from your hotel or condo, and then check in with Air Maui helicopters for the “first flight of the day” over Haleakala. Enjoy incredible sunlit views of Haleakala Crater during this special thirty-minute flight. Then, your Tour Guide will escort you to Café Mambo for a no-host breakfast at one of the hippest spots in the funky-hippie town of Paia. From there, visit Makawao town for a little shopping and browsing, and then take a trip to Surfing Goat Dairy—a locally-operated goat farm, that produces the world-famous Surfing Goat Dairy goat cheese! After visiting with some friendly goats on their beautiful grounds, enjoy a flight of goat cheeses before deciding which ones you’ll pick up to take home with you! Afterward, your Tour Guide will escort you next door to Ocean Vodka, an organic vodka distillery. Tour their grounds, taste some vodka, and then enjoy a delightful picnic lunch before returning to your hotel by approximately 3:00 – 3:30 PM. This is the tour for you if you’re a major foodie, and want to get up-close-and-personal with some of Maui’s up-and-coming gourmet businesses. Guests with a keen sense of adventure will love the helicopter flight, and photographers will love the varied photo ops available on the Haleakala Sun-Trek!

No matter what your travel style, we have a Haleakala Tour for you! Whether at sunrise or daylight, by land or by air, don’t miss this incredible geological feature during your next trip to Maui.

Happy Thanksgiving from Temptation Tours!

happy_thanksgivingAt Temptation Tours, we have tons to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

We’re thankful for our entire Temptation Tours Ohana: our company management, our dedicated reservations staff, the incredible team of Hawaii-Certified Tour Guides, and of course, our hard-working fleet-management crew.

We’re thankful for an amazing network of locally-owned and operated vendors who make our tours a possibility every day.

This year, we’re incredibly thankful to be celebrating 30 years in business! That’s right, Temptation Tours has been hosting guests like you on unforgettable adventures for three decades now.

That brings us to the most important thing that we’re thankful for this year at Temptation Tours—our guests!

It’s guests like you that keep us in business, of course, but it’s more than that. Your kind words and stellar reviews remind us how much we love doing this! Some of our guests travel with us time and time again over the years, and we’re honored to become a part of so many families’ travel traditions! Our Tour Guides who are requested time and time again are endlessly thankful for being able to contribute to a perfect vacation for travelers from around the world.

To you, our guests—whether you’re still just considering joining us, or if you’ve been enjoying our tours from the beginning—we send you our warmest “Mahalo,” and hope we see you soon! Whether you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving at home with family and friends, or if you’re spending it on the pristine shores of a Hawaiian beach, we wish you a safe, happy, and relaxing holiday!

We Love the Rainforest!

WEOne of the questions we get so often is, “Why should we tour with Temptation Tours?”

And, of course, every consumer making plans—especially travel plans—wants to know they made the right decision. And while we can certainly rattle off reason after reason as to why you should choose Temptation Tours, one reason I’d like to point out today specifically applies to our Road to Hana tours.

There are a ton of Road to Hana tours to choose from, and they certainly offer many different things. Some tours go “all the way around,” meaning they circumnavigate Haleakala on their return. And sure, the “all or nothing” mentality might ask, “what’s the point of going if you don’t go all the way around?

Well, here’s how we weigh in on the matter: We love the rainforest. More to the point, we love the rainforest of East Maui, through which you’ll be traveling on any of our Road to Hana tours. We love the lush foliage, the postcard-perfect waterfalls, the breathtaking views, the cool, misty weather, the lava-rock cliffs, the brilliantly-colored tropical flowers—need we go on? And, at the end of that Road to Hana is, of course, Hana—one of the most remote communities in the United States, and we love to share that quiet, special place with our guests before returning.

And on our return, we love taking the time to re-trace our steps, re-visiting areas with a newfound respect for the journey. Our guests appreciate the chance to make a second stop at areas that were their favorites on the journey to Hana, as well as taking the time to see things that may not have been accessible on the way to Hana. Guests traveling with us enjoy additional rainforest time, rather than rushing through stops in order to make it all the way around Haleakala to return to their hotels after a fourteen-hour day.

For these reasons, we are committed spending as much time in the rainforest as possible, and we think we spend more time there than any other tour company on Maui. If you’re looking to maximize your time in the largest tropical rainforest in the country, give us a call or book online, and see what sets us apart!

Temptation Tours – Now Offering Gift Certificates!

Give the gift ofLike many people this time of year, you might be pulling your hair out trying to find that perfect gift for someone in your life. While we’d love to have the perfect answer for everyone on your list, we can certainly help out in finding the perfect gift for the Maui-lover on your list.

Did you know that we offer gift certificates? It’s simple—just give us a call, and give us a small amount of info on your recipient, and we’ll do the rest! For long-distance friends (and last-minute gifts), we can email the gift certificate directly to your recipient. If you’d prefer to print it and present it yourself, we’ll email it to you—and it can find its way into a stocking or under the tree! Once they receive their certificate, they can get in touch with us at their leisure to schedule their tour for the day that works for them.

Most importantly, our gift certificates are included in our direct-booking discount offer, meaning you’ll be saving money while giving your loved one the gift of an unforgettable luxury Maui experience.

If you know someone who’s planning a trip to Maui in the coming year—whether for a honeymoon, an anniversary, or just a relaxing getaway—make their trip just a little bit more special by giving them the Temptation Tours experience!

Support Local – Travel with Us!

Tour localAll over the world, travelers are seeking out local products and services more and more during their journeys. Locally-made souvenirs are being favored over less-expensive, mass-produced trinkets, and we find that our guests make it a point to check out locally-owned and operated restaurants, shops, and more while visiting Maui. Choosing a tour company is no different, and our guests appreciate touring with a company that’s locally-owned and owner-operated for thirty years!

Our baseyard offices are located right in central Maui, and we’ve been building personal and professional relationships with travel professionals on our beautiful island for over three decades. What does that mean for you? Simply, a tour company whose heart is on Maui (and not another island—or the mainland!) means a tour company that is 100% invested in Maui. Our Tour Guides, while knowledgeable about the entire Aloha State, are truly experts on all things Maui—from the Summit of Haleakala, to the sandy shores of Napili. Every one of our employees calls Maui home, and have done so for many years. The company owners, Dave & Kathy Campbell, have roots on Maui that span decades, and work tirelessly to support our island through sustainable, educational tourism.

Additionally, when you tour with us, you’re supporting not only Temptation Tours, but many other locally-owned and operated businesses, such as:

Hana Tropicals Owned and operated by Hana residents Ian and Krista, this secluded, beautiful flower farm provides our guests with an in-depth education about the beautiful tropical blooms that can be found throughout the islands. They also provide stunning gifts for our guests traveling on most of our Hana Tours—a small take-away from a day spent exploring paradise.

Kula LodgeThis Maui institution has always been the go-to spot for post-sunrise breakfast, which is why we’re proud to include Kula Lodge with our Sunrise tours! Our guests enjoy a hearty meal, a relaxing dining room (including a crackling fireplace!), and breathtaking island views—right from their seats.

Ali’i Kula Lavender – When you join us for a Summit Lavender Sojourn, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Ali’i Kula Lavender, a working lavender farm located in serene upcountry Maui. Its founder, lavender visionary Ali’i Chang, saw the potential for growing the delicate plant on Maui, and the farm has “blossomed” every year since. Now under the ownership of its late founder’s son, Ali’i Kula Lavender has proven to be a favorite among our guests.

Of course, if you join us on one of our Maui adventure tours, you’ll find that you’re supporting even more local Maui businesses—this is just a small sampling of our valued partners in Sustainable tourism!

If you want a truly local Maui experience, book with us today!