Five More Unusual Things to Pack For MauiWe’re positive you’ve double-checked your packing list before heading out, and maybe you’ve even scoped out our previous list of some unusual items to bring with you to Maui. Today, we have five more items that you might never think to pack with you for your Maui vacation!

Map Book
Some of you are probably thinking, “Of course I’ll bring a map book with me! How else am I supposed to get around?” The rest of you are thinking, “I don’t need a map book! I have my smartphone!” This tip is for the latter half of you! Sure, your smartphone can navigate you just about anywhere, but if you’re on a part of the island without service, or if you’ve left your car charger in the hotel room, you might find yourself literally lost in paradise. It’s a great idea to have a nice set of Maui maps to toss in your glove compartment as soon as you pick up your rental car. If your tech fails, you’ll have no problems kickin’ it old school while exploring the island.

Pill Container
Even if you won’t be toting prescriptions with you, you might consider bringing a few pill containers with you, and marvel at how useful it will be during your trip! Use it to store earrings, hair ties, and other small items that you don’t want lost in the bottom of your carry-on. Toss a few empty ones in your luggage, too, and use them to store tiny seashells and other Maui treasures!

Dry Shampoo
For some folks, dry shampoo is a necessity of life. For others, they’ve never even considered it. It’s a great idea to pick up a can before your trip, and use it to freshen up before dinner after a long journey, or to go from pool mode to happy-hour mode in just a few minutes! It also might help your hair keep a little life and hold in the humid Maui weather.

Power Strip
One rule of hotel rooms that always holds true for me: there is always exactly one fewer outlet than I need. Between my makeup mirror, laptop, several cell phones, tablet, and ereader, well, I need a LOT of things to be charged! Power strips come in handy in giving you all the outlet real estate you need, and also offer the added bonus of keeping all your gadgets in one spot—easy to grab and go for a day out, and when you’re (sadly) heading home.

Warm Pajamas
While you’ll be packing your warm-weather gear for most of your time on Maui (except maybe your Haleakala Sunrise tour), you might want to consider tossing a pair of cozier pajamas in your suitcase as well. Maui’s weather might be hot, but your hotel’s air conditioning will probably be working well—and you’ll want to snuggle up and get a comfy night’s sleep! They’ll also be great for lounging in your room with a glass of wine and a favorite movie during your stay. For extra credit, throw in a pair of fuzzy slippers with your PJ’s and enjoy some serious lounge-time every night!