Hawaii’s Best Local Beers

Pineapples. Kona coffee. Fresh fish. Your list of island flavors is just waiting to be devoured. What else is on it? If one of your answers isn’t “beer,” then you may be missing out. Plenty of hops-hungry travelers indeed come to the islands to sample some of our tastiest brews, and if you want to… Read more »

Hana Sky-Trek – FAQ

If you’ve spent a few minutes checking out our website, I’m sure you’ve seen our “Hana Sky-Trek” page. As our most popular tour, we host thousands of people every year on our exclusive Helicopter/Limo-Van combination. As you’d expect, we get a lot of questions about it too, so I’ve compiled a list of our most… Read more »

Maui – Retail Paradise!

Like I’ve mentioned before, when people think of Maui, they don’t automatically think “shopping.” Oahu certainly takes the cake when it comes to big malls, outlet centers, and big-name chain stores. While things are certainly changing on Maui (Target is having its grand opening as I write this), it still doesn’t compare to Oahu when… Read more »

Our Awesome Tour Guides

Why should you tour Maui with Temptation Tours? Well, there are really a ton of reasons. Our luxury Limo-Vans are comfortable and spacious, and our tours accommodate a maximum of six to eight guests for a truly customized experience. We visit some of the most spectacular, breathtaking locations on Maui, and offer the most unique… Read more »

Top Five Things to See in Wailuku

After you’ve enjoyed a day on the Road to Hana, and a very early morning atop Haleakala, you might think you’ve done everything that Maui has to offer. If you want to just plant yourself by the pool or the beach for the rest of your trip, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you are looking for… Read more »

Perfect Maui Souvenirs

  I don’t know about you, but whenever I go on vacation, I bring an extra empty suitcase, and fill it with treasures that I can’t find back home. I’m sure a lot of you are thinking about that same plan for your trip to Maui, so here are some ideas on perfect Maui (and… Read more »

Maui’s Most Unique Snacks

In our warm, tropical climate, it’s a perfect place for plenty of tropical fruits and tasty vegetables to thrive. Just snacking on the tasty products of the ‘aina (Hawaiian for “land”) would be enough for most people to get their fill of island flavor, but you can certainly branch out and try the other delicious… Read more »

Maui’s Top Five Tropical Fruits

There’s a lot that makes Hawaii unique. We have incredible beaches, a rich, fascinating culture, and wonderful people who truly embody the spirit of Aloha. One of my favorite aspects of my home state, though, is the fruit! Really. I am not sure what I would do if I couldn’t pop down to the farmer’s… Read more »

Shopping in Makawao

When I moved back home to Maui after going to college on Oahu, I’ll be honest—I felt like I was leaving a shopper’s paradise. No Ala Moana Center, no Nordstrom, nobody asking me “Ooh, where did you get that?”—because there are only so many places to go on Maui, right? As the months back on… Read more »

Maui’s Top Five Rainy-Day Activities

When you were planning your trip to Maui, you had visions of sunny skies, warm temperatures, and relaxing trade winds to welcome you to the island. Instead, you stepped out of the airport to gloomy darkness, cold gusts, and a downpour like you’ve never seen. You might have even avoided booking certain dates just to… Read more »