Hana Ultimate – The Ultimate Experience!

As soon as you told people you were going to Maui, you heard it. “Road to Hana! You have to do the road to Hana!” So you looked it up, you read your books, and now you don’t know what to do. Should you risk your rental car and drive it yourself, or should you… Read more »

Great Combos await you on Maui!

Maui is known as the Beautiful Valley Isle. But, after living on Maui for over 25 years, I have a secret pet name for my island home. Let me share it with you – I think of Maui as the Yummy Combo Isle. Yes, the Island of Maui has certain food combinations that were very… Read more »

Pā’ia is the centerpiece of Maui’s Northshore

“Noisy.” That is the meaning of the word pā’ia in the Hawaiian language. The vibrant – and sometimes still a bit noisy – northshore village of today had its beginning as a tiny Polynesian kahalewai (village by the sea) sitting on Maui’s windward coast along a freshwater stream. The shoreline was protected by an off-shore… Read more »

Maui’s Kula: A State of Mind

In the minds of many Maui residents, Kula is the island’s unexpected jewel. They happily leave the island’s fringe of sun-drenched sand to visitors and newcomers and make their homes and raise their families in the slow-paced rural communities that dot the north slope of Haleakala. Kula is the heart of Maui’s “Upcountry,” a rambling… Read more »

Who says we don’t have seasons in Hawai’i

On Maui we have noticed a change in the weather. Rain has crept into the weather forecasts for the dry, leeward side of the island. The days are a tad cooler with the sun less intense, the breezy trades are more consistent and the nights are a little chilly and have people all over the… Read more »

Maui’s Tourism – Where it all began

Kā’anapali Beach on Maui’s beautiful western shore has been a favorite playground and resting place for Island residents and visitors alike for a thousand years. In ancient times, Kā’anapali, which means “rolling cliff” in Hawaiian, was a royal retreat for the rulers of Maui who delighted in the perfect three-mile stretch of white sand beach,… Read more »

Maui’s Whale Season Gets Everyone’s Attention

Our humpback whales are returning. They have begun arriving in Hawaiian waters a bit earlier than usual this year. The first were spotted in mid-October near Maui. Soon scores will be arriving almost daily as the Central Pacific herd gathers in Hawaii’s warm and peaceful waters for their winter renewal and to entertain locals and… Read more »


All of Temptation Tours’ excursions to Maui’s Upcountry locations – Haleakala Sunrise, Haleakala Crater/Rainforest, Summit Safari, Summit Lavender Sojourn and Lavender, Wine & Cheese Sensation – incorporate a stop at Maui Lavender’s beautiful organic gardens. Many of the tours include a caterer-prepared luncheon at a delightful gazebo in the enchanting garden location on the slopes of Maui’s… Read more »

How Maui got its Name

In the Hawaiian language, Haleakala means “House of the Sun” and it was here that Mowee, a super-hero of Polynesian mythology and namesake of Maui Island, leapt from hiding and lassoed the sun with a strong rope. He subdued the sun from racing too quickly across the sky each day and not providing the people… Read more »

Maui’s Haleakala – Where Nature and Technology exist in Harmony

Maui’s Haleakala volcano is host to some of the most advanced astrophysical research in the world. Cutting edge projects have included a significant role in the immensely successful Hubble Space Telescope (HST) as it orbits the earth taking magnificent photos and measurements of the Universe far beyond the capabilities of ground-based telescopes. The Hubble was… Read more »