Science City – High atop Maui’s 10’000 foot Mt. Haleakala

High atop Maui’s Haleakala, the dormant volcano that dominates the island’s landscape, “Science City” sits on a pinnacle of lava, cinders and ash formed from countless ancient volcanic eruptions. Its domes glisten in the brilliant afternoon sun above the mountain’s almost-daily flaring skirt of clouds clinging closely to its slopes like a ballerina’s tutu.  From… Read more »

Maui’s extinct volcanos are still on the move!

Lava rocks littering the Honoapi’ilani Highway across Maui’s westside pali (sea cliffs) are proof that two-million year old lava flows on Maui’s extinct volcano are still on the move! They are sliding toward the sea today just as they did in past millennia, but today they are being slowly pulled down the volcanic slopes by… Read more »

What should you do while on Maui?

Maui is a tiny but many-faceted island. With most of the planet’s climate zones represented on the island, there is much to do and see. Usually, the beaches are foremost in every visitor’s mind. However, the two volcanoes that dominate the island’s land mass provide a plethora of ways to enjoy your visit. Besides the… Read more »

New partners in the Hana Rainforest

Hana Tropicals our new florist garden sightseeing addition, captures the essence of vibrant tropical exotic color, the rare beauty of pastel orchids and the sweet fragrance of ginger, on 420 acres, in the heart of Hana’s rainforest. Krista and Ian, owners, lovingly tend and operate this florist and plant nursery and it shows. Orchids and… Read more »

Cruising the Hana Road in a Limo-Van

Imagine a sun-kissed day on the Road to Hana, brilliant with emerald green valleys, outlined by the sapphire pacific and dotted with vibrant red tropical flowers. With Temptation Tours you will not miss a minute of Hana’s true natural beauty as you comfortably relax in your leather captains chair and enjoy a panoramic view from… Read more »


It seems like centuries ago that my husband, Dave and I started Temptation Tours. The year was 1986 and our first tour was the Hana Picnic. What was the driving force-the reason-the desire we had, to start a luxury tour company on Maui? Actually, the idea was born after a visit to Maui, including a… Read more »