OUR FAVORITENo matter where you live, chances are that the food truck trend has rolled its way into the culinary landscape. Maui is certainly no exception; food trucks have been showing up on the island increasingly in the last few years– and we couldn’t be more thrilled! The food truck “culture” fits perfectly with Maui’s laid-back, casual, beachy vibe. Whether you’re ready for a day of lounging in the sand, exploring the rainforest, or just strolling around town, you can find the fuel you need at one of Maui’s many food trucks. Here are three of my favorites:

Geste Shrimp Truck
Have you seen this one? Maybe not; it’s parked near Kahului Harbor, along Kahului Beach Road. If you’re visiting Maui, you may not have a reason to head back that way– that is, until now. If you leave without trying one of their tasty, shell-on shrimp plates, you’ll be doing yourself a serious disservice. It’s an unassuming white truck, with red lettering and a giant pink shrimp gracing the side. For $13, you’ll get a generous serving of shrimp (cooked in one of four ways), a scoop of rice, and their to-die-for crab and macaroni salad. I can never stay away from their Hawaiian Scampi flavor (hint: mix that garlicky goodness with your rice when you finish the shrimp) but I have friends who swear by the lemon pepper style. No matter what you get, you’ll be getting some of the best shrimp on the island.

Jawz Fish Tacos
If my husband and I are ever heading out to Big Beach in Makena, I have one thing on my mind: fish tacos! Located right at the beach park, this is the ubiquitous beach-day lunch stop. They’ve got an incredibly extensive menu for a food truck– burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and more– but their fish tacos are truly where it’s at. They’re made to order with your choice of fresh fish, and topped with simple yet delicious ingredients. You can also enjoy refreshing shave ice and tasty fruit smoothies, right from the truck. If you’re planning a day at Big Beach, Jawz has you covered for a hearty lunch, drinks, and even dessert. Not gonna make it to Makena? Never fear– Jawz has a brick-and-mortar restaurant as well, located in Lipoa Center in Kihei, where you can get a tasty margarita or a frosty beer to chase down some of the best fish tacos on Maui.

Like Poke?
Yep– this food truck’s name is a question, and my answer is always YES! Find these guys parked at the “food truck food court” across from the Costco gas station in Kahului, and enjoy their incredible selection of freshly-caught seafood dishes, especially poke. What’s poke? Most simply, it’s cubes of fresh, raw fish in a light sauce, mixed with other veggies like onions or seaweed as well. This is a theme that has countless variations, the best of which you’ll find at this popular food truck. Their fish is beyond quality, and is always melt-in-your-mouth fresh. You can get poke by itself, or “plate lunch” style, served with rice– a taste sensation, by the way. Raw fish not your bag? Not to worry, their other lunch selections are just as good, and they even do a deep-fried version of their poke that is simply irresistible.

This isn’t meant to be the definitive list of Maui’s food trucks, as new ones are popping up almost weekly! Keep your eyes open while you’re out and about on Maui, and find your new favorite meal on the go!