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Imagine your perfect day on the Road to Hana. Does it include leisurely dips in a fresh pool under a beautiful, natural waterfall? Plenty of time to explore, and a new experience around each hairpin turn of the road? A peaceful, relaxed day, spent up close and personal with the natural, outdoor beauty of East Maui? If so, we’d love for you to join us on the Hana Picnic tour, which offers the most time at different sights, and the most leisurely and relaxed pace for those of you who just want to get out, explore, and enjoy.

Your day starts right around 7:00 AM, where your Tour Guide will be at the front door of your hotel, condo, resort, or residence. Hop into our luxury Limo-Van, settle into your personal leather captain’s chair, and be ready for a day of fun and adventure along the Hana Coast. Your group will consist of up to eight like-minded, discerning travelers, and your Hawaii Certified Tour Guide, who will provide full narration at every turn.

The first stop on this tour is Ho’okipa Beach Park. Here, you’ll feel the incredible energy of the waves crashing against the sandy shoreline, and have time to get some beautiful morning photos of this world-famous windsurfing beach. Enjoy a morning pastry and some coffee, tea, or cocoa as you chat with your Tour Guide and fellow travelers—and maybe even see some lounging sea turtles or a Hawaiian monk seal on the sand! “Ho’okipa” means “welcome,” and you’ll get that welcoming feeling here first-hand from your Tour Guide as excitement builds for the rest of the day.

Next, it’s time to hit the road. You’ll learn about the history of the renowned Hana Highway, along with fascinating facts about local plant and animal life, both ancient and modern Hawaiian culture, and the geology of our island itself. At Kaumahina State Park, get a first-hand look of endemic plants, and enjoy beautiful views of the breathtaking coastline that lies ahead.

Simple and secluded, the lush village of Ke'anae feels like a different world.

Simple and secluded, the lush village of Ke’anae feels like a different world.

Then it’s on to Ke’anae Peninsula, which is home to a quiet Hawaiian village that still holds to many old Hawaiian traditions. You’ll see traditional taro patches (lo’i), and small, unassuming homes along this beautiful, oceanside town. After Ke’anae, you’ll continue on to Pua’a Ka’a State Park, where you can enjoy a secluded stroll among natural, lush foliage, and, if you choose, a refreshing swim in a natural pool under a flowing waterfall.

Almost more flowing waterfalls than you can count await you on the Road to Hana.

Almost more flowing waterfalls than you can count await you on the Road to Hana.

After Pua’a Ka’a, your Tour Guide will take you around even more turns and over one-lane bridges into Hana, with stops along the way for photos and exploration. Once you’re in Hana, you’ll truly feel the Aloha Spirit in this little town where colors just seem to be a bit brighter, and the air is just a bit more refreshing. After learning about some of the interesting spots in town and its unique history, your tour will make its way to laid-back and beautiful Hana Bay.  Here, you’ll enjoy sunshine, refreshing sea air, and a Pacific Rim cuisine picnic lunch, complete with hearty wraps, garden vegetable past salad, chilled pineapple, and macadamia nut brownies.

Before making your way back into town, your Tour Guide will take your group to Waianapanapa State Park, where the sapphire blue ocean, emerald green foliage, and jet-black sand and lava rocks make for a gorgeous view, and will be some of your most treasured photos of your time in Maui. Here, you’ll have a chance to venture down to the famous black-sand beach and dip your toes in the sparkling clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.

You'll find the deep, dark, jet-black sand of your dreams at Waianapanapa.

You’ll find the deep, dark, jet-black sand of your dreams at Waianapanapa.

On your way back to your hotel, we’ll go at the same relaxed, laid-back pace that truly sums up the Hana Picnic experience. Roadside fruit and banana bread stands, more photo opportunities, and anything that you may have missed on the way to Hana can be enjoyed on the leisurely drive home. As you say your goodbyes to your group and your Tour Guide back at your hotel, you’ll be ready to reminisce, sort through photos, and just continue to enjoy that relaxed, luxury vibe that encompasses our Hana Picnic tour. If this tour sounds like your idea of an adventure in paradise, let us know, and we’ll be thrilled to make it happen!