When you’re looking for activities on Maui, you’re probably trying to maximize your Maui experience, and still leave plenty of time for relaxing, dining, golfing, and all the other incredible reasons you decided to make Maui your vacation destination. For those who might be short on time but still want plenty of adventure, the Hana Sky-Trek is the best way to experience the Road to Hana, a helicopter experience, and more!

Central Maui Convenience – While checking in at the heliport in Kahului is a bit of a drive, plenty of our guests make a day of it by combining their Hana Sky-Trek adventure with another Central Maui experience before heading back to their resort, hotel, or condo. Folks who take the 7:00 AM tour, finishing at around 1:30, like to take a trip to Iao Valley, enjoy dinner at the famous Mama’s Fish House, or visit the incredible Maui Ocean Center after their tour. If you’re taking the 11:15 tour, done at 5:30, head down early and fit in some fun activities before your check-in!

Two Tour Guides – With not only your Temptation Tours guide leading your day, but also your licensed helicopter pilot, you’ll get perspective, stories, and insight from two Hawaii-Certified Tour Guides! Your pilot can point out geological features, huge waterfalls not visible from land, and possibly even Haleakala Crater from an amazing new vantage point! On the Road to Hana, your Temptation Tours driver-guide will fill you in on the culture, history, and plant life unique to East Maui.

Incredible Experiences – We know that when you’re coming to Maui, you’re looking for waterfalls, black sand beaches, and incredible ocean views. While any Road to Hana tour—or just driving yourself—can offer all of those, combining it with top-notch helicopter partners, a tasty picnic lunch, and of course, the unmatched comfort of our custom-built Limo-Vans makes the Hana Sky-Trek a truly five-star luxury Maui adventure.

Call us, and book the original, award-winning Hana Sky-Trek tour for your Maui vacation today!