As soon as you told people you were going to Maui, you heard it. “Road to Hana! You have to do the road to Hana!” So you looked it up, you read your books, and now you don’t know what to do. Should you risk your rental car and drive it yourself, or should you hop on a tour? Which tour?

So you looked it up some more, and now you don’t know much more than you did before. Some tours are cheaper than others—what gives? What’s the most convenient? The most comfortable? The least stressful?

If you haven’t checked it out yet, maybe you should think about the Hana Ultimate with Temptation Tours. It’s a fully reimagined version of one of our classic tours, and it’s coming back strong, with rave reviews from our guests. If you want to experience the beauty of the Hana Rainforest in the utmost style, comfort, and luxury, then you will definitely want to book the Hana Ultimate.Waikani Falls

Start your day with a warm greeting from a Hawaii Certified Tour Guide right at your hotel. Settle in with a tropical soft drink or a refreshing bottled water, and start to enjoy the ride as your Guide begins the tour of one of the most beautiful islands on Earth.

As you make your way out of your resort area, you’ll see the landscape start to change. Entering Paia, you’ll make your first stop on your Ultimate tour, breakfast! You’ll take your pick from a varied menu, and enjoy the view of this charming little hippie town as you enjoy your breakfast and coffee.

From there, it’s time to hit the road. From Paia to Haiku, you’ll start to see the vegetation getting lusher as you begin your journey to the tropical rainforest. Along the road, enjoy quick photo-snapping stops, visits to local fruit stands, and the entertaining and informative narration from a State-Certified Tour Guide. Ready to stretch your legs? Take a dip in a natural pool under a fresh waterfall and truly relish your Hana experience. A rainbow extends over a cliff and into the calm, sapphire ocean

Once you’ve made your way into Hana—at a leisurely, Maui-style pace—step onto the grounds of the Travaasa Hotel and truly know why you chose the Ultimate in luxury. Relax, enjoy the view, and savor a gourmet, three-course luncheon, featuring fresh, local ingredients.

After lunch, stroll the grounds at the Travaasa, then join your tour guide for touring more of Hana, the black sand beach, and other fascinating points of interest. Finally, as you make your way back down, revisit those spots that you just have to see again, to make sure you captured the perfect photo. The sights, sounds, and tastes of a luxurious Hana adventure will linger on your senses for years.

There are options when it comes to a Hana tour, but once you experience the Hana Ultimate, you’ll know it does truly stand out as the best!