It seems like centuries ago that my husband, Dave and I started Temptation Tours. The year was 1986 and our first tour was the Hana Picnic. What was the driving force-the reason-the desire we had, to start a luxury tour company on Maui? Actually, the idea was born after a visit to Maui, including a Road to Hana tour with a van tour company, operating 15 passenger vans. Recalling our Maui excursion in a somewhat crowded bench seat van, we both decided that the spectacular Hana Road demands a better means of viewing and exploring. After falling in love with Maui and its beautiful treasure Hana, we decided to honor Maui’s millennium legacy trail with a vehicle that does respectable justice to its stunning scenery and its rich Hawaiian history. Thus, we painstakingly developed and researched our plans and ideas to provide a vehicle that would show-off the Hana road, provide great comfort to our guests and be in harmony with the environment. Therefore, out of this desire to do it right, the Limo-Van was born the Temptation Tours began in 1986.