Na Ike O Ka Lima (Knowledge of the Hands)

Did you know it takes several months to become a Hawai’i State Certified Tour Guide at Temptation Tours? Even those with touring experience must go through the whole gamut of driving, knowledge of Maui, it’s history and where (and where not) to take our visitors on each of our specialized tours. And that makes sense to me.

You see, as a little girl, when our family prepared for parties, everyone had their jobs-to-do. My father mixed the poi by hand, my mother made the lomi salmon (and still does). An Aunty made the chicken long rice and my grandfather was in charge of the imu (underground oven) to cook the pig; all done by hand. You watched, learned and when our Kupuna (elders) felt the time was right, you got to help; carry stuff and clean-up at first. When the time finally came and it was your turn (with a lot of supervising from all your relatives), you knew what to do already.

Fun splashing in a rain-forest pool!

Fun splashing in a rain-forest pool!

Just like at Temptation Tours you learn the ropes, step by step: to drive the routes, learn the many histories of Maui and respect our people and this place we call home.

The last test is with our owner and only original driver, Dave Campbell. He is funny, a great story teller (as we all know at Temptation Tours!) but exacting. Our Hawai’i State Certified Tour Guides try their best to put their knowledge, pride and caring into each tour they give.

They know the best spots, are respectful of the communities and places on their tour. They are friends with many of those that you will meet along the way. Our Tour Guides also know where they shouldn’t intrude, or where they are not to park. Whatever they (and you) bring on the tour, is packed and brought back and what can be recycled, is.

They truly are the hands of knowledge….Safe hands that will take you on a tour you’ll never forget.

A Hui Hou (until we next meet), Aunty Kalei