There are quite a few things that set us apart from other tour companies: our State Certified Guides, our tasty Pacific Rim Cuisine picnic lunch, and our many one-of-a-kind tour offerings. Another aspect that we hear quite a few compliments on, though, is our Luxury Limo-Vans. We take pride in our fleet of customized, unique, comfortable touring vehicles, and once you step into one, you’ll certainly see why!

First of all, the windows in our vehicles are gigantic, so when you’re traversing the 617 turns on the Road to Hana, you won’t miss a thing. Because our Limo-Vans are painstakingly detailed before each tour, you’ll have a perfectly clean, crystal-clear view out each panoramic, polarized window. And while you’ll make plenty of stops on your Hana tour, don’t be afraid to snap some photos through the window as well—you won’t be disappointed!

Enjoy total comfort and luxury on one of our custom Limo-Vans!

Next, the space! You’ll really be able to relax and “stretch out” while on tour, with plenty of leg room. And when getting in and out of the Limo-Van, you’ll enjoy a spacious center aisle and a high ceiling. It’s roomy enough to ride comfortably, but still an intimate space to talk with family and friends about the sights and experiences along the way. Your Tour Guide will provide narration and answer all your questions through an around-sound PA system—so you won’t miss a word.

Finally, the captain’s chairs. We can’t say enough about these comfortable, plush, ergonomic seats. Covered in soft, imported leather, you’ll sink into one and wonder why you’d tour any other way. When you’re leaving your hotel at 3:00 AM to catch the Sunrise at Haleakala, you’ll appreciate relaxing in your personal captain’s chair and letting your Tour Guide do the driving. On the way back, sit back and enjoy an ice-cold tropical soft drink in a conveniently placed cup-holder. Seriously—it’s hard to sit in another vehicle again after spending a day in one of our Limo-Vans!

Of course, it’s more than just the vehicle that makes the tour, but we think our Luxury Limo-Vans are a huge part of what makes Temptation Tours so great! If you’re wondering what a luxury tour on Maui feels like, climb into one of our signature Limo-Vans and find out for yourself.