All of Temptation Tours’ excursions to Maui’s Upcountry locations – Haleakala Sunrise, Haleakala Crater/Rainforest, Summit Safari, Summit Lavender Sojourn and Lavender, Wine & Cheese Sensation – incorporate a stop at Maui Lavender’s beautiful organic gardens. Many of the tours include a caterer-prepared luncheon at a delightful gazebo in the enchanting garden location on the slopes of Maui’s dominant volcano at about 4,000 ft. elevation.

  Maui Lavender Gardens   The views from the site are spectacular and the gardens a joy to behold. Maui Lavender is an organic agricultural endeavor with the goal of making the island more self-sufficient and compliment efforts on the island to grow more fruits and vegetables domestically.

Lavender, though not a tropical plant, thrives on Maui’s upper volcanic slopes where the microclimate is more temperate and provides the ideal location for the growing of this drought resistant plant which usually thrives in colder regions. Very few locations within the Hawaiian Islands are capable of supporting lavender in this respect. With the island of Maui’s growing popularity, being voted best island for several years in a row, visitors to the area is increasing each year. The purchase of gift items for friends and family as well as remembrances of their trip are a key component for those travelers preferring items that are made in the island versus imported.

The Maui Lavender walking garden and Made In Maui product line represents an excellent opportunity to visit and enjoy an agricultural feature that strengthens and enhances the island experience for the visitor.