coffee_shopsWhen you’re on Maui, your days are most likely filled to the brim with what to do. Snorkeling, souvenir shopping, sightseeing, and more will keep you busy all day long. While the excitement of visiting this beautiful island is sure to keep you going, sometimes you might just need an extra pick-me-up in the form of a nice cup of coffee. While there are Starbucks to be found almost everywhere, we might suggest that you take a few minutes to check out some of Maui’s local coffee houses while you’re here.

Belle Surf Café:

Located in South Kihei, this tiny, cozy coffee-shop is located in a small, open-air shopping center, next to a moped rental spot. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, this is the spot for you. Their website describes them as having a chic, boho vibe, and that’s certainly a spot-on assessment. They serve up trendy coffee-house standards, like cold-brew and flat whites, but we love their “Tree Sap,” an iced coffee concoction made with local honey and coconut milk. Their baristas are seriously skilled, too; we can never quite get over how beautiful their lattes are! While you’re there, try one of their artisan-style crepes, or one of their simple, delicious tartines.

Sip Me:

The newest spot on the list, Sip Me finds itself on Makawao Town’s quiet, quaint Baldwin avenue. Sip Me is a “meeting of the minds” of some of Maui’s foremost chefs and local food-makers. While their espresso is a pure coffee-lover’s dream, you should also check out their hand-mixed loose-leaf teas, their locally-made ginger beer, and their fresh, healthful juices. Sit back in their modern-meets-antique-style shop, and enjoy a fresh scone, croissant, or even a gluten-free pastry from Maui Sugar Shop.

Wailuku Coffee Company:

I’ve been frequenting Wailuku Coffee Company ever since it opened, so of course, this Central-Maui stand-by is one of my favorites. Their menu is seemingly endless, and their enthusiastic baristas are continuously coming up with their own creations—check out the chalkboards near the register for inspiration! My favorite, though, is their simple iced Toddy coffee, which is strong, smooth, and refreshing on a hot Wailuku afternoon. They also boast an impressive pastry case, featuring gluten-free, vegan, and traditional fare. Pair your coffee with their yogurt and granola parfait for an afternoon energy-boost that will fuel you well into your evening!

When you’ve simply had enough of the green straw, and you want to get a feel for Maui’s surprisingly-rich coffee culture, check out these spots and more for your Maui mocha fix!