Although we’re moving into the spring and summer months, when calmer, sunnier weather prevails, we’re always keeping an eye on current weather conditions and how it might affect your tour. Here are a few things to keep in mind when booking your tour.

Road to Hana Tours – Our Road to Hana tours, for the vast majority of the time, are pretty unaffected by weather. The Road to Hana is situated in the rainforest, thus experiencing more rain than much of the island. Our Tour Guides navigate this winding road with ease, and are equipped with umbrellas for sightseeing during a rainy day.

Without rain, incredible experiences like this on the Road to Hana would be hard to come by! Mahalo to Jenna Szerlag photography for this incredible “action” shot! 

Of course, without rain, the Road to Hana would be missing one key feature—the waterfalls! Heavier rains, generally during island-wide storms, may cause landslides or downed trees along this rainforest roadway, and we’ll be sure to keep our guests informed of any issues as soon as possible, and reschedule if need be.

Helicopter Tours – Our tours that include a helicopter portion—the Hana Sky-Trek and the Haleakala Sun-Trek—come with strict FAA regulations on flight safety, for obvious reasons. If weather or flight visibility concerns arise, never fear—we’ll work hard to get your flightseeing tour rescheduled.

Haleakala Summit Tours – The Summit of Haleakala, at 10,023 feet, is no stranger to weather concerns. While tours operate rain or shine, we work closely with the National Park to keep Tour Guides updated on conditions such as dangerous winds, heavy rains, and yes, even ice and snow. Should dangerous conditions arise, we’ll reschedule your tour to a day when it’s safe!

Every weather concern and every tour is different, and should your tour be affected by Maui’s sometimes-baffling tropical weather, you’ll be notified personally by a Reservations agent as soon as possible. More often than not, though, a bit of rain or wind won’t affect your tour at all, and you’ll still have an incredible time getting to know this very special island.