More and more of our guests have been inspired to share their Temptation Tours experiences on TripAdvisor lately. Here are some of our favorite review snippets from the last few months:


No surprises here– Scott certainly has a way of making everyone on board feel welcome, included, and totally taken care of during a tour. And yes, he does keep in mind that people might want to catch a couple extra Z’s on the way to the Summit for our Haleakala Sunrise tour.

RainTitle Rain

Great shout-out here for Les! He’s awesome at making the trip enjoyable, fun, and informative– even if it’s raining on the Road to Hana! He’s always happy to take care of the hard part of driving the infamous road, and let our guests sit back, chill out, and enjoy!

GuidesTitle Guides

All of our guides are Hawaii-Certified Tour Guides, and they live up to those standards daily! Sean is an extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and interesting guy, who is constantly working to add to that knowledge base. Join us again next year, and he may have even more Maui wisdom to share!


We’re psyched that these guests really enjoyed travelling in one of our eight-passenger Luxury Limo-Vans. There’s really no better way to tour around Maui! And we’re not surprised that Jay did his utmost to make the day special for these guests– that’s totally his forte.


“Perfection” is exactly the word we’d use to describe our Hana Sky-Trek! These guests captured the feel of our Hana Sky-Trek in their review, and made us wish we were out on the Road to Hana with Steve today! He’s an expert at making people feel at ease, and is one of our best-reviewed Guides. We love the perspective of the Road to Hana you get from the sky during the helicopter tour, and we’re thrilled that our guests do too!


We’re so honored that this travel agent enjoyed her picnic lunch on her Summit Lavender Sojourn! Whether you’re touring upcountry Maui or cruising along the Road to Hana, our Pacific Rim Cuisine picnic lunch is the perfect fuel for your day. It’s exactly what a picnic on Maui should be!

Feedback from our guests reminds us of why we love touring around Maui, and lets us know what an amazing job our Hawaii-Certified Tour Guides are doing. If you’ve joined us on tour, or if you’re planning to, don’t forget to share your Temptation Tours experience on TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Facebook!