To- You!One of my favorite shopping trends of recent years is the subscription box. I love looking forward to fun things in my mailbox every month—from snacks, makeup, baby gear, and more. I’m always on the hunt for the newest and most innovative box services, and it seems like there’s a new one popping up almost daily! What I’d never really thought of, though, are goodie boxes from right here in the islands. It turns out there are quite a few services that can send you a monthly box full of Hawaii-made products. Here are a few of our faves!

Aloha Crate – $15.00/month – Snacks and edible goodies
The Aloha Crate is a great deal if you’re constantly dreaming of hard-to-find Hawaii edibles. Locally-made condiments, baked goodies, snacks, and even beverages like tea and coffee make their way into this fun box every month. Whether you’re a former resident who has a hankering for some tastes of home, or if you just want a little burst of Hawaii goodness in your mailbox every month, the Aloha Crate might be perfect for you!

Kula Fields HI-Five Box – $39/month – Edibles, body care, housewares, and more!
The Kula Fields HI-Five Box comes straight to you from beautiful, upcountry Maui. It’s a bit pricier, yes, but it garners you five full-size locally-made products per month. They work with local artists and artisans, who offer hand-made products for each month’s box. While other services offer products from larger, more mainstream Hawaii companies, Kula Fields’ HI-Five Box takes care to include only artisan products, made with aloha. It’s a great deal, considering the quality of the products, and how expensive it would be to ship each individually!

Hello Makana – $30/month – Snacks, health and beauty items, music, and art
This is definitely the “hippest” box on the list. With a fresh, young vibe encompassing everything they do, the Hello Makana box will make any trendsetter with a heart for Hawaii happy. Like the HI-Five box, they work with local artists and artisans, who hand-make unique and quality products in small batches for the monthly shipment. Each time you open your Makana Box, you know you’ll be getting something truly special—along with a beautiful card, detailing each item and the story behind it. This Honolulu startup company is putting out some truly gorgeous selections; each box truly feels like a makana, the Hawaiian word for “gift.”

The Tiki Box – $15/month – Snacks, snacks, and snacks!
If I ever move away from Hawaii, my first order of business will be to subscribe to The Tiki Box. If you like to try new snacks, then I’d recommend giving this one a try immediately. Rather than the usual three-to-five items that you get from most subscription boxes, this one is packed with sample-sized goodies galore. Included are snacks that are made in Hawaii (like chocolate macadamia nuts, li hing mui, and Kona coffee cookies), and also made-elsewhere goodies that Hawaii just can’t get enough of (like Japanese rice crackers, Chinese candies, and other Asian favorites). Some of these treats might not be what you’d immediately think of when you think Hawaii, but for Hawaii locals, this box is a taste of home!

My Aloha Post – $30/month – A bit of everything
My Aloha Post is another trendsetting subscription box, and their team puts together a simply gorgeous box. They take care to include a little of everything in each one—a nibble, a beauty item, some stationery or housewares—you get the idea. They take their inspiration from different themes each month, so you’ll be sure to get a cohesive, carefully-curated box of Hawaii-made products each month. Most of all, there’s a spirit of fun and whimsy to each one, sure to put a smile on your face even if you’re miles away from the sandy shores of Hawaii. My Aloha Post also takes care to support upcoming artists and small businesses, so they’re making an even bigger impact on Hawaii’s community!