• Our hawaii-certified tour guides •One thing that sets our company apart—besides our Luxury Limo-Vans, delicious meals, and unique tour offerings—is of course, our Hawaii-Certified Tour Guides. But, what does that mean? Read on!

When each tour guide joins our team, they embark on a comprehensive six-week training course, which embodies customer service, driving skills, plant and animal life in Hawaii, Hawaiian culture, geology of the islands, and much, much more. That’s why so many of our TripAdvisor reviews rave about how extremely knowledgeable our tour guides are! We use a special training course, developed by the State of Hawaii, that was designed to ensure all Hawaii-Certified Tour Guides are sharing the most accurate, educational, and enriching information possible with our valued guests.

By the time our tour guides have completed their certification, they’re veritable experts in all things Maui and Hawaii—but they don’t stop there! Each and every one of our tour guides has a passion for constantly increasing their knowledge-base, and they all make use of our extensive company library of books, videos, and other materials about Hawaiian culture, history, and natural environment. We ensure that each guide is enrolled in local conservation and ecology classes whenever possible, and that they continue their training outside of our offices at places like the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens, Haleakala National Park, and more.

When you travel with a Temptation Tours guide, you’ll be getting more than a cheesy “Alooooha!” when boarding the van, and corny jokes along the road. You’ll be getting an in-depth experience and education about our island, and you’ll leave your tour with a new appreciation for Hawaii, its land, its culture, and its relationship to the rest of the world. Just one more reason to travel with us!