PRIDE OFAMERICAEvery Sunday morning, Maui welcomes Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America into Kahului Harbor, along with up to 2,100 passengers, ready to explore the Road to Hana, Haleakala Crater, and more. Every week, Temptation Tours welcomes many Pride of America passengers aboard our eight-passenger Luxury Limo-Vans for adventures around Maui. We field numerous questions from cruisers in the planning stages almost every day, and we’re always happy to help! Here you can find some of the most commonly-asked questions from guests aboard one of Hawaii’s most iconic cruise ships.

Do you pick up from the Kahului Harbor?
For our land-based tours, we will pick you up across the street from the Kahului Harbor, at the Maui Mall. This avoids the crowds, confusion, and congestion at the ship’s pier. From exiting the ship, it’s approximately a seven-minute walk, all on pavement and sidewalk. Once you make this easy walk, your Tour Guide will meet you at the “Maui Mall” sign, in front of Longs Drugs. Once you book, we’ll send you detailed directions on where exactly to go. If you’re booking the Hana Sky-Trek, your tour will both start and conclude at the Kahului Heliport—a short taxi ride away from the harbor.

If I book on a Monday, will I return to the ship on time?
Absolutely! We host hundreds of guests from the Pride of America each month, and all of our Tour Guides are well aware of the “all-aboard” times. We’ve designed our tours to ensure that you have a relaxing, enjoyable day, and get back in plenty of time to depart for your next port of call.

Are there any tours I can’t book?
The Pride of America’s schedule precludes booking an AM Sky-Trek and a Haleakala Sunrise on a Sunday, due to the ship’s arrival time. Otherwise, all tours are fair game, subject to availability! Keep in mind that days that the Pride of America is in port are very busy, and space fills up quickly. It’s best to book your tour with us as soon as possible!

Do you offer any discounts to Pride of America guests?
Yes! By booking directly with us, you’ll receive up to a 15% discount on all of our tours, saving you up to $40 per person over booking with a third-party booking agency. You can also take advantage of our Special Cash-Back offer!

My cruise is booked for next year—can I book tours now, or do I need to wait until closer to my sail date?
You can absolutely book now! For advance bookings, please call us directly at 1-800-817-1234 for availability.

We want a shorter tour, or a tour that goes somewhere different from your listed tours. Is that possible?
Sure! We’re thrilled to offer Private Charter tours for Pride of America guests. Call or email us with what you’d like to do and see, and we’ll create a custom tour just for you.

We hope this helped answer some questions you might have about joining us from your inter-island cruise! Of course, if you have more questions, please get in touch with us! We can’t wait to be a part of your next cruise.