puaa_kaaIf you’re joining us on a Road to Hana tour, one of the highlights of your experience will be an opportunity to swim at a fresh, natural waterfall pool—right in the middle of the rainforest! As long as conditions are safe, your Hawaii-Certified Tour Guide will escort you to Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park for a relaxing (and refreshing) dip in the serene pool, featuring a cascading waterfall.

On your tour, either to or from Hana, you’ll have the opportunity to don your swimsuits (ample restrooms are located at this park for easy changing!) and make a short climb over some rocks and make your way to the pool. As the waterfall flows with fresh mountain water, the swim is certainly refreshing, but quite pleasant on a balmy afternoon in the rainforest.

Not a swimmer? Sit back with an ice-cold bottled water or tropical fruit juice provided by your Tour Guide at one of the shaded picnic tables and simply enjoy the scenery. Lush green plant life, specked with brilliant tropical flowers, makes for an incredible sight to simply experience.

Whether you’ll be joining your fellow travelers for a swim, or taking advantage of this respite from the “real world,” we’re sure that Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park will be one of the many memorable parts of your Road to Hana journey!