Road to HanaWhen researching your trip, talking to friends and family, and connecting with others online, you may find that a lot of people will insist that it’s best to do the Road to Hana on your own. While plenty of people take the journey on their own every day, many others prefer to sit back, relax, and let someone else do the driving. What’s the best way for you? Find out!

Driving on your Own

On the one hand, if you take the Road to Hana by yourself in a rental car, you’ll have time to pace yourself, and spend the most time at the places you want to experience. You may want to try it yourself once you’ve already taken a tour, and go back and “zero-in” on the spot that was your absolute favorite.

However, even if you switch off drivers, expect whoever is at the wheel to “miss out” on quite a bit of the scenery, because driving the Road to Hana takes a great deal more focus than driving other roads. Additional, the stress of navigating the road might detract from enjoying the scenery, and it’s pretty rarely a “relaxing” drive, especially for first-timers. Food in Hana is pricy, and packing a lunch can have its own challenges—especially if you get “off-schedule” and are on the road for longer than you anticipated. Finally, even with a guidebook, CD, and app, you might miss out on some interesting views, facts, and history about the world-renowned Hana Highway.

Taking a Tour

Sure, if you take a tour, you may have to spend a little less time at some spots than you might normally, but having a little faith in your tour guide (especially a Hawaii-Certified tour guide) may lead you to spots you would have never knew existed! Everyone in your group will get to enjoy the scenery, accompanied by expert narration, while sitting back in a comfortable tour vehicle with an ice-cold bottled water or tropical soft drink. Meals are not a problem, either—you’ll either enjoy a sit-down lunch at an upscale restaurant (included in your tour), or a catered picnic lunch served beach-side. Need to get both you and your sweetie in your photos? Your tour guide has you covered—feel free to leave the selfie stick at home! You’ll enjoy door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service on most tours as well, so you’ll end your day feeling relaxed and enlightened—not frazzled and exhausted.

All in all, it’s up to you whether you want to drive yourself or join a tour, but if you do decide to join us, give us a call, email us, or connect with us on Facebook, and we’ll take the stress out of journeying along the Road to Hana!