Temptation Tours - Hana Cave-Quest - Rainforest Waterfall

Views like this– beautiful waterfalls cascading over lush foliage– are in store no matter which tour you choose.

Like I’ve mentioned before, everyone seems to think you HAVE to do the Road to Hana while you’re on Maui. You have to! Well, I’m going to have to agree with them. There’s a reason all your friends have come back from Maui going on and on about the Road to Hana—it really is that spectacular. I don’t use this word often, but there is something “magical” about the Road to Hana. That “magic” element is that the Road to Hana can be whatever you want it to be, and it can be something different to everyone.

How does a fun, entertaining drive through the rainforest sound, full of plenty of time for swimming, taking family photos, and a laid-back picnic lunch on the beach? You’re looking for the Hana Picnic, one of our classic Road to Hana Tours. Don’t worry about organizing everyone, packing lunches, getting your maps straight—just grab your swimsuit, camera, and meet us right outside your hotel. We’ll do the rest! If your idea of a vacation is spending quality, stress-free time with your family, make a reservation for a Hana Picnic, and join our Hawaii Certified Tour Guide on a fun, relaxing journey of a lifetime.

Temptation Tours - Waianapanapa-001

A beautiful view of Waianapanapa, including the incredible black-sand beach.

Maybe that sounds great, but you’re looking to get a little more out of your Road to Hana tour—a little more adventure, something unique. The tour for you is the Hana Cave-Quest, a more “in-depth” (pardon my pun!) experience of the Hana coast. After the famous journey through the rainforest, journey into ancient lava tubes that take you underneath the forest floor. If you have an appreciation for the incredible capabilities of nature, you’ll be in awe of Madame Pele’s power to carve huge caverns, complete with stalactites and stalagmites jutting from the ceiling and floor of this all-natural wonder. Not a big hiker? Don’t worry—it’s an easy walk, and features a handrail throughout. Just take your time in appreciating this unique destination—one that you may have never even thought existed!

Maybe your Road to Hana vision is a little different. Sure, you’re excited about experiencing the unparalleled beauty of the rainforest, but you’re on vacation to relax, and you came to Maui to relax in style and comfort. If you want a tour that blends seamlessly into your luxury vacation, you want the Hana Ultimate. Step out of your hotel and onto our Luxury-Limo Van, and you’ll be treated to the Road to Hana tour you’ve always dreamed of. Start with a run-of-the-menu restaurant breakfast in the distinctive, trendy town of Paia. With a Hawaii Certified Tour Guide as your escort, experience the rainforest first hand. Like the Hana Picnic, you’ll experience multiple stops for exploring, but luxury is truly key for this exceptional tour. The highlight: a gourmet, three-course luncheon at the Hana Travaasa, Hana’s lush resort. If you thought the road to Hana was “roughing it,” consider joining us for the Hana Ultimate, and get a truly VIP experience.

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Options abound for Road to Hana tours with Temptation Tours.

Can’t choose? You’re probably the kind of person who wants to experience everything! Your vacation schedule is already filling up, and you’re not even at the airport yet. Sound familiar? Do you want to pack in as much as you can to your trip to Maui? Let us help, and book a Hana Sky-Trek. Experience the best of two worlds as you experience Hana by both Limo-Van and helicopter. This is the perfect tour for anyone who is looking for a half-day adventure, but still wants the full Road to Hana experience. You’ll still make multiple stops along the road, experience an invigorating waterfall swim, and enjoy a delicious Pacific Rim Cuisine picnic on the beach. For one leg of your journey, though, you’ll skip the drive and climb aboard a state-of-the-art aircraft as you fly over the Road to Hana. Get incredible views of waterfalls inaccessible from the road, and see the contrast between the lush rainforest and the moon-like surface of Haleakala. Looking to check off a few boxes on your Maui Bucket List at once? Travel the Road to Hana on the award-winning Hana Sky-Trek.

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You’ll ride in comfort and luxury on all of our tours.

The Road to Hana is a truly not-to-miss adventure, but there are a lot of tour companies who want to give you a one-size-fits-all tour. We understand that each of our guests is looking for an individualized experience on their Road to Hana tour, and we are extremely proud to provide a variety of options for this unforgettable journey. If you’re still looking for more out of your personal Road to Hana tour, call us, and tell us what you’re looking for. With an additional option for a Private Charter, we’ll give you the Road to Hana Tour that has your name on it. Our Hawaii State Certified Tour Guides can’t wait to share this extraordinary with you and the people with whom you want to share it. In operation since 1986, we’re the most established Maui-based land-tour company, and we’ve perfected the tours we love to share with guests. We’ll see you soon on the Road to Hana—however you wish to travel it!