solotravelThere’s some buzz recently about the increasing numbers of travelers who are going it alone—i.e., taking their major vacations by themselves. I must say, the thought of it sounds exhilarating! Although the focus of this article is on millennials, it highlights that people from all age groups are down to travel solo, all for different, excellent reasons. And the travel industry is responding; cruise ships are slowly starting to do away with their “single supplement” charge on certain voyages, and even Norwegian Cruise Lines (whose Pride of America is docked right here in Maui two days a week) has added single-specific studios for guests traveling by themselves.

If you’re among this growing group, we really hope you’ll consider Maui as a top choice of destination for your next getaway. There seems to be a misconception that Maui (and Hawaii in general) is just a “romantic” getaway, especially when compared to the more bustling island of Oahu. And hey, if your idea of the perfect solo vacation is bar-hopping and club-going, the Honolulu might just be the place to be. Maui, however, is so much more than just a couples’ paradise. If a quiet, peaceful, indulgent escape is your goal, then Maui certainly has what you’re looking for. Pristine beaches, top-tier restaurants, and unique spas await you on the Valley Isle—and so do we!

While you’re here, if you’re looking to take in some of Maui’s natural beauty in a small group, please give us a call. We love solo travelers, and we’ve certainly noticed the increase over the last few years! With a maximum of six to eight guests on each of our tours, the small-group experience led by a Hawaii Certified Tour Guide is perfect for those traveling by themselves. Although we do require a minimum to conduct tours, booking well in advance and being flexible with your dates should alleviate any issues with that. Popular tours among solo guests include the Summit Lavender Sojourn, the Hana Sky-Trek, and the Haleakala Sunrise. On each of our tours, you’ll be with a small group discerning travelers who, like you, want the very best for every aspect of their vacation. Guests on past tours have stayed in touch with each other for years, so be prepared to make a new friend or two!

Still in the planning stages? Drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to help you pin down a range of dates that will work for the tour that excites you the most. We’re also always happy to chat about other activities, sights, and travel tips, which can take a little anxiety out of plotting out your trip by yourself. We’d love to hear from you—and happy travels, solo superstar!