Top Ten Reasons to go to Maui– right now!

We’d like to think that it’s pretty obvious when it’s time for a trip to Maui, but sometimes you might not realize that golden sand beaches, lush tropical rainforest, and breathtaking ocean views are calling your name as we speak!

Here are ten signs that it might just be time to hop on a plane and head to TripAdvisor’s Top Island in the World:

  1. You’re developing a nervous tic that only a mai tai can cure.mai taiWhile every restaurant has its own version of this retro tropical libation, our favorite is the Monkeypod Mai Tai at Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman in Wailea.
  2. You’re tired of knowing what’s around every turn.Road to HanaIs your commute a little predictable? Has it been a while since you’ve been excited to travel down a new road? Join us on the Road to Hana and recapture a little wonder!
  3. The wildlife in your neighborhood is getting a little boring.
    Whale Breach by Erik Ogan, CC

    Whale Breach by Erik Ogan, CC

    Squirrels, pigeons, and neighborhood cats not too thrilling to watch? Visit Maui during whale season and watch our most famous annual visitors really make a splash.

  4. You’ve forgotten how beautiful a sunrise can be.Haleakala SunriseWhen was the last time you saw the sunrise? On your way to work to make an extra-early meeting? Take the journey to the Summit of Haleakala and see the sunrise from the “top of the world.”
  5. Your toes haven’t seen the sun in months.
    Black Sand Beach, Randy Robertson, CC

    Black Sand Beach, Randy Robertson, CC

    Don’t let that pedicure go unseen– get your piggies some sun, sea, and maybe even a little black sand!

  6. You’re starting to think that tuna only comes in cans.
    Ahi Poke, citymama, CC

    Ahi Poke, citymama, CC

    Taste some of the freshest, delicious seafood on the planet pretty much anywhere you go on Maui– don’t forget to try some ahi poke!

  7. You need an excuse to go deeper.ChocolateCorridorSee Maui from “down under” by visiting the world-famous Ka’eleku Caverns on the Road to Hana.
  8. That tie is getting a little tight.
    Aloha Shirts 1, Daryl Mitchell, CC

    Aloha Shirts 1, Daryl Mitchell, CC

    Leave the noose at the office and go Maui style with an aloha shirt for every day of the week.

  9. It’s been a while since you’ve stopped to smell the flowers.LavenderLet fragrant lavender blooms, cool mountain air, and sweeping views fill your senses at Ali’i Kula Lavender farm.
  10. You’re lacking a little color in your life.Road to Hana_Rainbow EucalyptusWhether it’s the rainbows that grace the skies daily, or the other-worldly rainbow eucalyptus trees on the Road to Hana, fill your Maui vacation with every hue on the spectrum.

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