We Love the RainforestOne of the questions we get so often is, “Why should we tour with Temptation Tours?”

And, of course, every consumer making plans—especially travel plans—wants to know they made the right decision. And while we can certainly rattle off reason after reason as to why you should choose Temptation Tours, one reason I’d like to point out today specifically applies to our Road to Hana tours.

There are a ton of Road to Hana tours to choose from, and they certainly offer many different things. Some tours go “all the way around,” meaning they circumnavigate Haleakala on their return. And sure, the “all or nothing” mentality might ask, “what’s the point of going if you don’t go all the way around?

Well, here’s how we weigh in on the matter: We love the rainforest. More to the point, we love the rainforest of East Maui, through which you’ll be traveling on any of our Road to Hana tours. We love the lush foliage, the postcard-perfect waterfalls, the breathtaking views, the cool, misty weather, the lava-rock cliffs, the brilliantly-colored tropical flowers—need we go on? And, at the end of that Road to Hana is, of course, Hana—one of the most remote communities in the United States, and we love to share that quiet, special place with our guests before returning.

And on our return, we love taking the time to re-trace our steps, re-visiting areas with a newfound respect for the journey. Our guests appreciate the chance to make a second stop at areas that were their favorites on the journey to Hana, as well as taking the time to see things that may not have been accessible on the way to Hana. Guests traveling with us enjoy additional rainforest time, rather than rushing through stops in order to make it all the way around Haleakala to return to their hotels after a fourteen-hour day.

For these reasons, we are committed spending as much time in the rainforest as possible, and we think we spend more time there than any other tour company on Maui. If you’re looking to maximize your time in the largest tropical rainforest in the country, give us a call or book online, and see what sets us apart!