When choosing tours around Maui, you might wonder why there’s a bit of a price difference between certain tours. Of course, plenty of factors are at play here, such as type of vehicle, level of experience, and more, but one big advantage to choosing a tour with Temptation Tours is a small-group experience, guaranteed. Each of our tours hosts a maximum of six to eight guests, which puts your Maui tour into a virtually un-matched, top-tier level. Wondering why you need to tour Maui’s amazing sights and landmarks with a small group? Read on!

  1. Sociable Touring with Like-Minded Travelers
    If you read our reviews, you might find that a great deal of our guests have mentioned the friends that they made on tour—their fellow tour-goers! Your fellow travelers, like you, see the value in a small-group, luxury tour, led by a Hawaii-Certified Tour Guide, and if you’re like many of our guests, you’ll be on the way to making life-long friends during your adventure.
  2. Personalized Narration by a Hawaii-Certified Tour Guide
    What was the difference between taking a college class in a lecture hall with hundreds of other students, and taking a workshop-style class with just a few peers? That’s the difference between traveling with a big-bus company, and traveling with Temptation Tours. Your Hawaii Certified Tour Guide is speaking to you, not at you—and with a group of no more than eight guests, your Tour Guide will get to know everyone on board throughout the day, and tailor your experience to you.
  3. Exclusive Sights and Experiences
    On a small-group tour, you’ll experience things that would not be possible on a larger-scale tour, like sitting down to a run-of-the-menu breakfast at the intimate Kula Lodge after Sunrise, or enjoying a four-course luncheon at the Luxurious Travaasa Hana. Tour a working flower farm, explore underground lava tubes, or even take in a wine-tasting—all with Temptation Tours and your small group.

Find your own reasons why traveling with a small-group is the only way to tour, and contact us today to arrange your adventure.