All our tours—from our Haleakala Sunrise to our Hana Ultimate—are excellent ways to get acquainted with Maui, spend time with a Hawaii-Certified Tour Guide, and travel in comfort and style in a Luxury Limo-Van. One of our most popular tours, our Hana Sky-Trek, is a favorite of many, and one could make a strong argument that if you take only one tour on Maui, it should be the Hana Sky-Trek! Here’s why:

Best of Both Worlds

What other tour can you experience the entire Road to Hana, as well as a lengthy “flightseeing” tour? You can get up close and personal with the rainforest—discover incredible plant life, swim under a waterfall, dig your feet into a black sand beach—and then fly above it, seeing how it blends with Maui’s plentiful other microclimates from the air.

Got Other Plans?

We know that you’re busy during your time on Maui, and you’ve heard that the Road to Hana can easily take a whole day out of your vacation. Before you decide to skip it, consider the Sky-Trek! Your tour will run approximately six-and-a-half hours from start to finish, leaving time for something else after your tour (if you take the AM), or even before (for the PM tour)!

Gotta Do it All?

“We want to do a snorkel trip, a submarine ride, a zipline, ooh, maybe parasailing, surfing lessons…” Does that sound like you? If so, knock out two checklist items at once with a Luxury Land tour and a helicopter adventure all in one go.

Want the Very Best?

Let’s face it—our Hana Sky-Trek is award-winning and so highly rated not only because of its unique itinerary and beautiful sites, but because of the exceptional service and luxury experience this tour provides every time. All of our Tour Guides, and the pilots at our partnering helicopter companies, are Hawaii-Certified Tour Guides, meaning they’ve gone through intense training and education to bring the most accurate and entertaining information about Hawaii to you during your tour. And from the state-of-the-art helicopter to the customized Luxury Limo-Van, you’ll be comfortable throughout your journey. Finally, with a limit of six guests per tour, your exclusive adventure will be personalized and engaging, every step of the way.

Of course, any of our tours are a great way to spend some time on Maui, but for those who want to maximize their Road to Hana adventure, book the Hana Sky-Trek today!