Welcome to Temptation Tours, an award-winning company specializing in Maui guided tours to some of the most beautiful and remote locations throughout the island. Several exciting packages are available, including Road to Hana Guided Tours!

Experience Heavenly Hana

Visiting Hana is an unforgettable experience beginning from the very first moment of the journey. Located on Maui’s eastern shore, the town of Hana is accessible via one of the most famous routes in the world—the unforgettable Hana Highway.

Along the way you will have the opportunity to visit and see firsthand luscious rain forests, majestic waterfalls, and even stunning caverns. What’s more, after experiencing the 54.4 mile journey from Kahului to Hana in the morning, returning in the afternoon will feel like an entirely new experience.

Traveling With Temptation Tours

Guests will enjoy first rate transportation in modern Limo Vans featuring large windows, a spacious atmosphere, and soft European leather seating. Our group tours throughout Maui are intimate, seating up to 8 guests per Limo-Van, so that you may explore at your leisure. All sightseeing adventures, with the exception of Meet Your Guide tour, provide beachside lunches and are expertly narrated by Hawaii State Certified Guides that will detail the fascinating culture and history of the island.

With up to 8 guests per Limo-Van, you will share your adventure with a small group of discerning people, who, like you, want to explore the remote and scenic beautiful. Appreciate the value of your time to fit more excitement and variety into each vacation day and let Temptation Tours be your guide in offering the best in comfort, convenience, service and security.

Road to Hana & Maui Guided Tours – Book Now at Temptation Tours

Adventure, excitement, and an experience of a lifetime await you at on the breathtaking island of Maui! Explore the available Road to Hana package options, including the Hana Cave Quest, Hana Sky-Trek, and even the Hana Ultimate tour if you want to experience everything. Don’t go another day without planning your perfect vacation. Contact us today to book a reservation or to learn more about any of the packages available from Temptation Tours!