We at Temptation Tours are committed to contributing to the sustainability of both the natural and cultural environments of the Island of Maui and the State of Hawai’i. As a triple-winner of the prestigious Hawai’i Tourism Authority’s “Keep it Hawai’i” Award, our commitment to our ‘aina, its people, and its history has been recognized numerous times, by both industry professionals and our valued guests.

All of our tours are centered around highlighting Maui’s natural splendor and rich cultural history. From the awe-inspiring Summit of Mt. Haleakala to the sparkling azure-blue waters of Hana, our Hawaii-Certified Tour Guides are passionate about educating our guests about Maui’s ecology, geology, history, and culture. Our Tour Guides are experts on endemic species, fragile ecosystems, and sites of Native Hawaiian cultural significance. We not only show our guests the beauty of our island, but we also teach our guests about conservation efforts, the threat of invasive species, and the harmony in which Native Polynesian people once lived with the land.

We believe whole-heartedly in the “leave no trace” approach when exploring Maui’s natural habitats. Our lunches are served on elegant crystalline plates, along with cloth napkins and real silverware, rather than disposable containers that threaten our environment. Containers from beverages served on tour are collected for recycling, and leftover water is used to wash our fleet of fuel-efficient touring vehicles. Our engines are turned off whenever possible—not left idling at stops—to minimize the emissions impact on our delicate atmosphere. Natural light is used as much as possible both in our Reservations offices, and for our Fleet Management Crew while maintaining our tour vehicles.

Our guests are encouraged to be mindful of endangered endemic species, such as the Haleakala Silversword plant, the nene goose, and the ohi’a tree. At sites of cultural significance, guests learn the proper respect and reverence for heiau, ahu, and other vestiges of ancient Hawaiian life. Our guides support and study the use of proper Hawaiian language whenever possible; place names are given as their original Hawaiian names, not popular “nicknames” or marketing names. All of our guests leave our tours with a great deal more knowledge of and respect for Maui’s natural and cultural value to Hawai’i and the world at large.

We’re constantly reexamining our efforts and improving our commitment to sustaining Maui’s ecosystem and the Native Hawaiian presence. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding our sustainability practices, please contact us at info@temptationtours.com. We value the input of our fellow travel professionals, our guests, and our fellow residents of Maui.

Certified Tourism Operator
Temptation Tours – Certified Operator –
Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawai’i