Hawai’i Has Native Butterflies – Here is Their Heartfelt Story

Did you know that Hawai’i has 2 breeds of indigenous butterflies? Over 1000 butterfly species that call Hawai’i home have been recorded through the years. Of all these butterflies, there are two native species and about fifteen alien species which dominate the island chain.  An authentic native butterfly, The Kamehameha Butterfly, is the official Hawai’i… Read more »

Is Island Hopping in Hawai’i Worth It?

This Blog is for you if: If you have never been to the Hawaiian Islands, the most remote landmass in the world. Maybe you have only been to one island (Maui?) each and every time you have come. Even if you have been to 2 or even 3 of the islands, you should still read… Read more »