How long is the Road to Hana?

Hana Highway is approximately 54.4 miles long, stretching all the way from Kahului to the town of Hana. We see the Road to Hana as a giant 54-mile-long cul-de-sac. We go out on the Road to Hana in the morning and return via the Road from Hana in the afternoon, providing you with two very different ways of experiencing this famous route.

Though the trek may not seem long—a two- to three-hour drive tops—the breathtaking sights along the way are enough to make the road trip an entire day’s worth of exploring!

Road to Hana Scenic Views & Experiences

  • Pa’ia Town
  • Kuau
  • Ho’okipa Lookout
  • Haiku
  • Huelo
  • Kailua
  • Bamboo Forest
  • Rainbow Eucalyptus
  • Waikamoi Falls and Pool 
  • Kaumahina Wayside Park 
  • Honomanu Bay
  • Ke’anae Peninsula
  • Ko’olau Gap
  • Half-Way to Hana
  • Upper Ke’anae
  • Wailua Overlook 
  • Wailua Valley
  • Waikani Falls
  • Pua’a Ka’a State Park – Waterfalls & Pools
  • Hanawi Falls
  • Upper Nahiku
  • Ka’eleku Caverns (on the Cave-Quest tour)
  • Hana Tropical Gardens
  • Hana Town
  • Hana Bay Beach Park 
  • Wai’anapanapa State Park
  • Wai’anapanapa Black Sand Beach
  • Hana Airport
  • Pi’ilanihale Heiau & Kahanu Garedens (request to go here on a private tour)
  • And Much Much More! 

Seen in helicopter: Kaupo, Kaupo Gap, Kipahulu, Pools of Ohe’o, Kipahulu Valley, Wailua Falls, Waimoku Falls, Kauakio Bay and Waiho’I Valley.

Why Choose Temptation Tours?

Hana SurfboardsThe Hana Highway is very safe to travel on, as long as you pay attention to the road and not the beautiful sights filling your view. It’s true—the driver will not have the same experience as the rest, so why don’t you let us take the wheel?

A Personalized Experience

Those large tour buses can get crowded and who’s to say that you’ll even have a good view of the Road?

With our team, you are taking advantage of a small group experience that you can cherish for years to come. Our luxury Limo-Vans allow you to explore this peaceful island in your own, intimate way.

Each tour is customized to you and your group, offering you a one-of-a-kind journey along the Road to Hana.

Take in the beauty and make the trek safely with the help of our air-conditioned luxury Limo-Vans, fitting 6-8 guests comfortably.

Have We Mentioned Our Amazing Team of Hawaii Certified Tour Guides?

You could trust a map or your GPS, but those resources won’t be able to give you an experience of a lifetime. So instead of worrying about the next right turn or accidentally missing a stop along the way, trust in the professionals.

At Temptation Tours, our Hawaii State Certified Tour Guides are the best in the biz. Equipped with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for Maui, you can trust in your Temptation Tours guide to create an amazing experience for you.

We spend more time and make the most stops in the Rainforest than any other company plying the Hana Coast. Choose us to guide you on your Road to Hana adventure.

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