3 Yearly Visitors to Hawai’i That Fly 3000+ Miles Each Way

The Hawaiian Islands have many visitors who come every year.  Some use their wings to fly here while others swim. The North Pacific Humpback Whales have one of the longest annual migrations of any animal, swimming between the food-rich Alaskan waters and the warmer breeding waters of Hawai’i.  The Pacific Golden Plover makes this very… Read more »

May in Maui – Enjoy Springtime, Mother’s Day, and Magic

Like most places in the world, springtime in May is an exceptionally wonderful time of the year in Maui. However, people who have not spent any significant time in Hawai’i imagine that the whole year must feel like springtime. Which is not really true. Summer is a little hotter with slightly longer days, and winter… Read more »

Beautiful Fruit and Vegetables Ready to Eat Year-Round

One of the great things about living in the sub-tropics, particularly Hawai’i, is that you can get leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables year-round at farmers markets and road-side stands.  Many fruit and vegetable varieties actually produce fresh food all year in Hawai’i. However, a few types are seasonal. For example, there are over 100 varieties… Read more »

A Little Fruit With a Big Story – The Uses of Guava in Hawai’i

Many years ago, I remember hearing people talk about one particular tropical fruit they experienced when they visited Hawai’i. That fruit was the guava. People found these remarkable fruits everywhere – on hiking trails, along roads, in pastures, and throughout all the state and national parks. Some guava were small, sweet, and red, while others… Read more »

Here is the History and Passionate Past of the Arts of Hawai’i

Hawaiian Arts is a vast subject, rich and varied, with intriguing stories and history reaching back almost 2000 years. That was when the nomadic Polynesians finally arrived at their last stop in their Pacific exploration and migration, the Hawaiian Islands. This journey covered over 16 MILLION square miles of open ocean, 137 islands, and took… Read more »