3 More Popular Ocean Activities – PLUS Some History – Part 2

Most visitors that come to Maui or any of the islands come primarily to chill out on the beach, play in the waves or do some serious thrill-seeking like surfing.  Two weeks ago, the ocean activities we talked about were stand-up paddling, outrigger canoeing, and whale watching.  These three popular and fun ocean activities are… Read more »

Maui Calls – Private Charter Tours are the Best!

The plan was to continue with the Maui Ocean Activities Blog, Part 2 this week.  But then – this happened!  Some great news came our way and we had to share it with you right away!  Drumroll, please…. We just found out that we are the recipient of THE Viator Badge of Excellence.    Why… Read more »

3 of Hawaii’s Most Popular Ocean Activities PLUS Some History

Most ocean activities in Hawai’i are steeped in history and tradition.  Because of this, our Ocean Activities Blog will be in 2 parts. We enjoy sharing the comprehensive and detailed history that brings us meaning.  This connects us to our ancestors in our island home. It is always a richer experience to recognize that the… Read more »

Our Dream to Live on Maui – Here are 5 Reasons Why

The mysterious pull to live on Maui or on any of the Hawaiian Islands is strong.    Many people move here, sight unseen, having never set foot in Hawai’i. Sometimes, people feel the pull from a postcard they receive. There is something about the color of the sky or impossibly blue ocean and, they know! Or… Read more »

NOW Is the Time to Plan Your Maui Vacation!

For many of us, it has been a long 7 months waiting, dreaming and wishing we could make plans to visit Maui.  We know some of you had plans that needed to be canceled due to shutdowns.  Maybe even more than once. It has indeed been an unparalleled time. HERE IS SOME GOOD NEWS!  Temptation… Read more »

Permission to Gather – 5 Sacred Plants of the Hula

Sacred Plants Have Been Around Since Man’s Earliest Awareness of Spirit  Many plants and flowers have deep cultural significance;  the red rose for love, the yellow rose for jealousy, or the white rose for purity. Although there are deep emotions and cultural significance in these sentiments, these are not the “sacred” plants we will explore… Read more »

Upcountry Maui – Mom and Pop’s are Alive

We definitely cannot leave our upcountry adventures without talking story* about a few Mom and Pop enterprises still thriving today.  Some have been here for over 100 years. As Hawai’i became less of a subsistence, agrarian-based society and more westernized, small stores began to pop up.  This was long before anything like the “big box”… Read more »

Fun on the Way to the Top – Upcountry Maui

Last week we chatted about the remarkable area of Maui known as Upcountry; an area far from town, with a varied and rich history. We told a tale of cowboys, ranching, and an improbable winery, MauiWine located in ‘Ulupalakua. This week’s blog, we go off the beaten path, to some more of Maui’s unknown gems… Read more »

Fun on the Way to the Top – Upcountry Maui’s Winery

Upcountry Maui.   Maui’s very own description for a way of life. Many upcountry folks on the island of Maui refer to themselves as mountain people. This term usually comes up when being asked about going to the beach. “Oh, no, I’m a mountain person. Why go to the beach when I can see the ocean… Read more »