Top 10 Facts You Need to Know When You Visit the Whales in Maui

Whales Were Here Before People! Graceful and awe-inspiring, the magnificent North Pacific Humpback Whales return to the tranquil waters of Hawai’i every year as they have done since 100/400 AD. A time before the first Hawaiians arrived. The ancient Polynesians revered and held the whales as sacred beings. Perhaps they may have been guided on… Read more »

Hana Sky-Trek: An Amazing Adventure You Will Never Forget!

The idea is Pure Genius – helicopter above roaring waterfalls, pristine tropical forests, endless views of the deep blue Pacific for 36 breathtaking minutes, and touch down in Maui’s most secluded, unspoiled area – Hana!  Let the Hana road adventure begin, and begin it does! After landing, you are welcomed with “Old-Style” Aloha to charming… Read more »

15 Unique & Exclusive Things About Hawai’i – Part 2

Impossibly beautiful, incredibly remote, the land of dreams and fantasies, Hawai’i occupies a very unique place on planet Earth. We continue our exploration this week of more of the highlights which the 50th State, has declared as her most significant. Last week we covered a few of the traditional things States like to spotlight, such… Read more »

15 Unique & Exclusive Things About Hawai’i – Part 1

There is a great tradition among all 50 states of the USA of proudly declaring certain unique features that represent each state with an honorific title, such as State Flower or State Bird or even State Insect. Some states have a State Song, a State Motto or even a State Nickname for the citizens of… Read more »

Hana Cave-Quest! 7 Fascinating and Fun Facts

Also known as ‘Romancing the Lava Tube’ Our story begins more than 25 years ago. A young man who lived in Hana named Chuck Thorne , heard about a lava tube located on a property nearby.  He eventually went to the owner and asked politely if he could explore this extraordinary site. “Just no get… Read more »

Knowledge of the Hands

Na Ike O Ka Lima (Knowledge of the Hands) Did you know it takes several months to become a Hawai’i State Certified Tour Guide at Temptation Tours? Even those with touring experience must go through the whole gamut of driving, knowledge of Maui, it’s history and where (and where not) to take our visitors on… Read more »

First-Day Strategies for your Maui Vacation!

If your trip to Maui is coming up soon, we know you’re in the process of packing, making plans, researching tours and activities, and so much more! While you may have every day of your vacation scheduled out, don’t forget your arrival day! Here are some tips to make sure your plans go smoothly from… Read more »