The Unique Hawaiian Quilts – Here is Their Fascinating Past

History says that quilting in Hawai’i began in the early 1800s when the first 7 missionaries arrived.  Stunning quilts have been made in the unique Hawaiian Style for over 200 years. The quilts that have been made from those early days until now are unlike any quilts you will find anywhere.   Quilts tend to bring… Read more »

Seven Scented Shoreline Beauties – Hawaii’s Beach Flowers

Endemic Hawaiian plants and flowers will typically thrive in their native environments. You do not have to go deep into the Hawaiian rainforests or to the edge of remote cliff faces to find exotic native flora in Hawai’i. Many beautiful flowering plants live along the beach where you go every day. They flourish in the… Read more »

Here’s Some History About the Only Royal Palace in The United States

Castles and Palaces are the dreams of children.   Children’s bedtime stories are filled with Princes and Princesses, Kings and Queens. Walt Disney knew the importance of these dreams when he created the iconic Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. It is the epitome of branding success. It is recognized by people worldwide. In today’s blog, we tell you… Read more »

4 Famous People Born in Hawai’i and Interesting Facts

There are countless numbers of famous people who were born in Hawai’i.  From astronauts and authors to movie stars. It’s a very long list from nearly every sport and performing genre. I know that I am not alone in my interest in famous people. Many people who visit Maui are also inquisitive about these people… Read more »