Road to Hana – What to Bring?

If you’re going to join us on a Road to Hana adventure, you might be wondering what to bring with you before departing on the world-famous Road to Hana in one of our Luxury Limo-Vans. Never fear, traveler! Here’s everything you’ll need to enjoy your day in Maui’s rainforest. Comfortable Clothing – On the Road… Read more »

Maui’s Weather and your Luxury Tour

Although we’re moving into the spring and summer months, when calmer, sunnier weather prevails, we’re always keeping an eye on current weather conditions and how it might affect your tour. Here are a few things to keep in mind when booking your tour. Road to Hana Tours – Our Road to Hana tours, for the… Read more »

Why a Small Group Makes a Difference

When choosing tours around Maui, you might wonder why there’s a bit of a price difference between certain tours. Of course, plenty of factors are at play here, such as type of vehicle, level of experience, and more, but one big advantage to choosing a tour with Temptation Tours is a small-group experience, guaranteed. Each… Read more »

How to find Deals on our Luxury Maui Tours

We host guests on our Luxury Maui adventures every day, and our Hawaii-Certified Tour Guides show them the very best that Maui has to offer on tours to Hana, Haleakala, and more. Countless guests have told us how the small-group experience and traveling in a comfortable Luxury Limo-Van has made all the difference in the… Read more »

Haleakala Sunrise: Why Take a Tour?

When it comes to the Road to Hana, most folks know whether they want to venture out on their own (and maybe spend a few days in East Maui tranquility), or join a tour to experience this incredible journey stress-free. As far as the Sunrise at Haleakala, though, people’s decisions aren’t always as clear-cut. While… Read more »

Hawaiian Words to Look For!

When you’re in Hawaii, it’s impossible to go even a day (maybe even an hour) without coming across a Hawaiian word. Whether it’s city names, street names, or just the sprinkling of words that can be found in everyday conversation, ‘olelo Hawai’i is everywhere! Here are some words you might come across during your stay on… Read more »

Time for another TripAdvisor Round-Up!

We love our guests, and they love us back! It’s neat how that works out, huh? Check out some of our recent fantastic TripAdvisor reviews from guests who have simply loved their time with Temptation Tours! This guest was thrilled with her Hana Ultimate, led by none other than Melany! It’s amazing how many reviews… Read more »

Sunrise at Haleakala – New Reservations System for 2017

If you’re planning a trip to Maui anytime soon, you might be planning a trip to the Summit of Haleakala to see the Sunrise—whether by tour, or on your own. While they’re both great options, you should note that starting February 1st, 2017, all private vehicles (rental cars and local residents) will need to have… Read more »

Maui Bucket List!

The idea of a “bucket list” trip is a popular one, and plenty of people are making their way to the Valley Isle to cross a few items off their list of experiences they simply MUST have in their lifetime! Working on your Maui bucket list? Here’s a few things to get you started! Sunrise… Read more »

Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park

If you’re joining us on a Road to Hana tour, one of the highlights of your experience will be an opportunity to swim at a fresh, natural waterfall pool—right in the middle of the rainforest! As long as conditions are safe, your Hawaii-Certified Tour Guide will escort you to Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park for… Read more »