Aunty Nona – Giving Us the Gift of the Essence of Aloha

Today, we continue our Kūpuna Series, bringing you stories of the elders who convey the heart and soul of Hawai’i. As I begin writing this, I am reflecting on the many unique opportunities I have had during my 30-plus years of studying Hawaiiana*, to be in the presence of the remarkable Kūpuna.  One of my… Read more »

How Hawaii’s Anthurium Became Its Most Popular Bouquet Flower!

  Anthurium flowers never fail to mystify people.  From this day since they were first introduced people ask if they are real.  These stunning flowers were brought to Hawai’i from London in 1889 by Samuel Damon. Their cultivation and propagation went well until the 1970s when a fungal disease first appeared. This pest spread so… Read more »

Tattooing – A Gift to the World from Hawai’i and Polynesia

When I tell someone that the art and practice of Tattooing first originated in Polynesia and Hawai’i, people do not believe me.  However, it is true. The art form of Tattooing was utterly unknown in the western world before Captain Cook’s first voyages through Polynesia and Hawai’i.  Even the word, Tattoo, is one of a… Read more »

Catch the Big One, Fishing on Maui!

For those who love fishing, Maui will seem like an angler’s paradise! So many beautiful fish and fabulous fishing spots to experience! And then, the joy of cooking up some of the freshest and most tender fish you have ever eaten.  This is the stuff lifelong memories are made of!  The adrenaline rush of landing… Read more »