HANA! You’ll Never Want to Leave Part 2

Remember this ⇓⇓⇓ bumpersticker? We mentioned it last week in Hana! You’ll Never Want to Leave, Part 1 Our destination for this week is Wai’anapanapa*. It is a place many residents and visitors are grateful for. So much so, that they want to declare it to the world with this bumper sticker. Wai’anapanapa is a… Read more »

HANA! You’ll Never Want To Leave Part 1

Thank God For Hana! is a bumper sticker often seen on locals’ cars on Maui. For many, it’s their favorite place on the island. Once you go there and really experience it, you will understand why. It is one place where Old Hawai’i shines through.  Hana is one of the most isolated communities in the… Read more »

Sweet Sounds of Aloha – Suddenly Magic Began!

Hawaiian music is every bit as indigenous and aboriginal to the island chain as the crashing surf and thunderous volcanoes. Each part of our globe has its own unique landscape. This tends to shape its culture; be it music, art, food, dance or any creative expression. So what would people get if they evolved for… Read more »

Feast Your Eyes! Look at the Favorite Ono Grindz of Hawai’i

The people who live in Hawai’i tend to live an active lifestyle centered around being outside. As soon as their work is pau*, the outdoors calls. Surfing (body, board, wind, kite), SUP (stand up paddling), paddling (canoe, kayak), snorkeling, swimming, running on the beach, hiking to a waterfall with a freshwater pool, there are all… Read more »

The Hawaiian Lūʻau – A Royal Feast Fit for All

One of the most enjoyable things for foodies is exploring the new and unusual dishes which are part of a land and a culture they may have never experienced before. Many times specialties of a culture have evolved and stood the test of time over and over again. You just know they are going to… Read more »

Nā Waiwai Aloha – 28 Hawaiian Values

Hawaiian Values are, in essence, values for humanity. Their uniqueness comes from being expressed in a pure, pristine way. Even though they were inherited from ancient Polynesian Culture, and an environment which is temperate to tropical, they still speak to the values we have today worldwide.  People living together on this small planet must have… Read more »

‘Ohana and Ho’oponopono – The Hawaiian Family and the Practice of Harmony and Spiritual Alignment

  In Ancient Hawai’i, nothing happened without the acknowledgment of the Gods and Goddesses. There was no word for religion in the Hawaiian language. Back then, religion was a philosophy of everyday life in its entirety. Hawaiians knew they were more than physical beings and always focused on being in touch with their creator. Hawaiian… Read more »

Living With Rainbows – Hawaiian Style

The early Hawaiians had no knowledge of modern-day science, physics, or prisms. So just imagine, for a moment, what came into their minds when they saw a Rainbow? Was this a God or Goddess standing before them? Were these radiant colors in the sky an entry into another island, a door into Heaven where their… Read more »