Subscription Box Companies began in 2004.

One of the earliest examples of these companies was called The Sampler. It offered samples of products from independent web-based artists, crafters, zines, and specialty shops.

The early subscription box business model worked like this:

  • The company sends you a package every month or 3 (depending on your subscription) 
  • In the box were specialty items they had picked out for you  

The principal attraction of this concept was that you got more for your money.  For example, you might pay $35 but receive $60 worth of goodies.

According to Forbes, by April of 2017, web-based subscription box companies had 37 million annual visitors. It had grown over 800% in 3 years.


Hawaiian entrepreneurs noticed this subscription concept and realized it was a perfect way to fulfill many different customer needs in one convenient package!

Especially for those who want to feel connected to Hawai’i. Maybe they grew up here and are away from home, or perhaps the frequent visitor. Whatever the case, this little taste of Hawai’i is always a great way to re-establish that connection.

And that’s what happens when the Care Package from home arrives…full of great stuff from Hawai’i.

There is no better way to feel close to these islands we all love than to get a package filled with lovely island-grown treasures. Every month or every 3 months, receiving gifts of ALOHA delivered to your front door is magical.

Especially in the middle of a freezing, snowy winter, and the cache of Hawaiian vibes and fragrances arrive. It is the best balm there is for the home-sick soul missing the warm, soothing spirit of Hawai’i.

Here are 5 of our favorite Subscription Boxes from Hawai’i for 2024

1. Aloha Boxed Hawai’iMade in Hawai’i products shipped from Maui.

The Aloha Boxed Hawai’i ohana saying is “Spreading Aloha One Box at a Time”. They showcase brilliant creators and talented Y eclectic artists that Hawai’i is known for.

They have Ready-to-Ship Aloha Boxes and Hawaiian Gift Baskets along with Build-a-Box. Building-a-Box makes gifting an art form. Add a handwritten card and send the gift of Aloha.


2.  Hawai’i Coffee BoxA Hawaiian Coffee Tour in a Box

Take a journey to a new Hawaiian coffee farm or coffee roaster every month.

Hawaii’s Coffee Box will take you on a Hawaiian Coffee Tour monthly by delivering their best freshly roasted beans and goodies to your home.  

We know you will discover new favorites. The fragrance of the beans and brewing coffee will rekindle the memories of your last visit and begin the joy of anticipation of your next stay in Hawai’i. One or two freshly roasted varieties will arrive at your hale (home) every month, coming from Maui, O’ahu, Kaua’i, or the Big Island.   

3. Tastes of Aloha – Tastes of Aloha brings the gift of snacking Hawaiian Style!

Hawaiian food has unique flavors due to the many cultures that have come together to inhabit these islands. Tastes of Aloha has perfectly utilized the abundance of flavors from our unique and blended cultures. 

This company has developed many indescribable tasty treats from this cultural heritage.

From Hawaiian Honey infused macadamia butter to the Island Breakfast Box, you are bound to eagerly anticipate the arrival of your Tastes of Aloha box every month.

Side Note:  See our blog about Multicultural and Unique Communities of the islands to learn more about how foods, flavors, and styles blend in Hawai’i.

4. My Aloha Post  – My Aloha Post is a care-package that brings Hawaiian experiences straight to your doorstep.

Each package is inspired by the many shared experiences we have in Hawaii. 

My Aloha Post strives to send you a true adventure through the items you will receive. You can choose from pre-curated boxes, or there is an option to select items to create your own box.

My Aloha Post was started by 2 friends who spent time away from Hawai’i. From their longing for things from Hawai’i, their goal has been to share the unique cultural and lifestyle experiences of Hawai’i. At the same time, they help promote upcoming Hawai’i-based businesses.  The products of these budding businesses are featured in their boxes.

5. Surf Box Hawai’i – All your favorite Hawaiian snacks in one box!


The surf lifestyle in Hawaii with the original Surf Box contains quality products that are enjoyed throughout Hawai’i. The monthly box will contain unique hand-picked products for your experience and enjoyment. We hope the surf box provides you with a taste of the surfer spirit and motivates you to catch your wave. OR, return to Hawai’i.


We will occasionally update our Subscription Boxes info and tips to inform you how to have a little Aloha arrive at your home.

We know once you have returned home and Hawai’i becomes more of a distant memory, you will be glad you chose to have Hawai’i visit you.

These boxes will bring back the balmy trade winds and soft, fragrant breezes from your memories until the day comes when you can return.

And, we hope it will be soon!

Writing and Graphic Design by Sugandha Ferro Black



Photos courtesy of paid-for or free sources unless otherwise noted. Some of the mages of subscription boxes come from their website and you can find them by clicking on the image or the highlighted link.