Exciting adventures and luxurious relaxation!

The Kahului, Hawaii, tour company blends exciting adventures and luxurious relaxation in this unique tour.  Kahului is Maui’s commercial capital and harbors a variety of exotic exports and keepsakes as well as exceptional restaurants, hotels, colorful cultural exhibits and beautiful wildlife.  Hawaii’s striking paradise and vibrant tropics lie just outside the shopping district, combining all the best features of Hawaii’s city life and countryside.

This coastal district offers a diverse collection of distinctly Hawaiian foods, souvenirs, clothing, sporting goods and more for you to enjoy or take home with you.  The seaside coast provides new challenges and exciting activities along the ocean including fishing charters, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving to satisfy your hunger for exploration.  The Kahului, Hawaii, tour company brings you to Maui’s favorite shopping centers, hottest activities and amazing sights to give you a new look at Hawaii as you enjoy a long, luxurious vacation.

Enjoy the relaxing coastal atmosphere as well as the thrill of the city on a paradise backdrop. Schedule your visit to this tropical getaway with Temptation Tours today.