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by Donna & Vinny on temptationtours.com
Loved our Road to Hana tour

My husband and I absolutely loved our Road to Hana tour with Gayle Shufeldt this past weekend on 6/2/18. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the and we learned so much. She had made the trip comfortable by giving us toiletries, hand sanitizer, umbrellas, and taking everyone's pictures multiple times. She squeeged off the windows when it lightly rained so we could see. She brought food for the wild cats and the chickens knew her and came around for food. We truly enjoyed the trip and her. Gayle was training a new employee Chris - he was pleasant and fun. He even showed us some stuff, like the root that smelled like root beer. Would highly recommend this tour and the guides.

by Janice & Ray on temptationtours.com
Fantastic Tour with Gayle

We took the Deluxe Tour through NCL Shore Excursions so my husband would be able to enjoy the tour himself & not have to drive that curvy unknown road. Our tour guide was Gayle & she was amazing! She was very easy to understand & provided a lot of extra history about the island because she has lived there over 28 years. She took numerous photos of both of us in front of some spectacular waterfalls & beautiful black lava rock coasts. We highly recommend this tour & our fantastic tour guide!

by Jenna Konruff on temptationtours.com
Highlight of our trip to the islands

My husband and I absolutely loved our Road to Hana tour with Gayle Shufeldt. She was a great driver and drove with confidence yet consideration for the passengers through seemingly difficult terrain. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the plants, trees, flowers, animals, as well as the land. We learned so much. She made the ride comfortable and was very helpful - even giving us toiletries, hand sanitizer, umbrellas, and taking everyone's pictures multiple times. She anticipated rainy weather and set up our lunch at the beautiful park with the black sand beach. She continuously stopped the vehicle so everyone could take pictures and squeeged off the windows when it lightly rained so we could see. The wild cats and fowl knew her and came around for food, which was so sweet. Just so thoughtful and she anticipated everything to make the day feel very special - she was easy to listen to and had enough information to fill an 11-hour day driving. It was also very neat to stop at the flower farm and banana bread stand. This was the highlight of our trip to the islands, breathtaking natural beauty and great accommodations.

by Donna Brennan on temptationtours.com
Road to Hanna Tour

Gayle is a consummate professional who isextremely knowledgeable about Hawaii’shistory, local culture and traditions, and flora andfauna.We had the pleasure of travelling with Gayle onour Road to Hanna. Gayle was super informative,fun and highly entertaining. Safety on thosewinding, serpentine roads was utmost onGayle’s mind at all times.Thank you Gayle for a truly phenomenal day!Mahalo!

by Jeff and Cindy on temptationtours.com
Great tour!

Aloha from Canada. We really enjoyed our trip on Hana Hwy with tour guide Gayle Shufeldt. Gayle was an excellent driver who anticipated every twist and turn and kept us very safe. Gayle knew the history very well and we learned a lot. Gayle pointed out the many trees and flowers and the path they took to get to this beautiful island. Thank you, Gayle.

by Lia Gerty on temptationtours.com
Mahalo for your kokua

Aloha,I am a Hana resident who regularly commutes to Kahului, and I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate that your company uses appropriately-sized vans on the Hana Highway. Most tour bus companies are a real pain to deal with, if not outright dangerous, but I've never had a problem with yours. Then, a few months ago, something special happened.I was on an MEO bus headed home one day, during an awful downpour. Coming up towards a narrow spot, on a curve, with a line of locals behind us, one of your vans kindly pulled to the side to let us pass, when one huge SUV full of tourists barreled past. They could not proceed. For what seemed like forever, the SUV held up traffic, the driver inching back a foot at a time and stopping, and never quite in the right direction. Some locals got out, walked up and started yelling at the tourists.Then, the driver of your van got out, a blonde-haired lady. She walked up to the SUV and spoke to them. Their driver got out, your driver got in, and backed the SUV safely off the road! Everyone was able to pass again, and we cheered her as we did.I don't know who that was, and I regret that it took me so long to say so, but I think it's wonderful that she went above and beyond the call of duty to help out in that situation. I wish more bus drivers on the Hana road had her helpful spirit.God bless you in your business,Lia

Excellent Tour

My wife and I did the “Road to Hana” tour with our great tour guide, Gayle Schufeldt. She was very informative of the history of the island as well as the Hana road. She also made numerous stops for perfect pictures that will be wall hangers and served a delicious meal at the park. We both recommend this tour for anyone!! This was our highlight of Maui!,

by john & karen peachey on temptationtours.com
Great trip with the perfect gent!

Hi, we had a great trip last week, Dec 24th.We would like to commend your driver/guide Michael. He was very helpful, extremely well informed, a really good and wise driver and always the perfect gent. Thanks for a great trip!

by donnalu gunn on temptationtours.com
Helicopter/Van to Hana

Our driver, Scott Ferguson complimented us (5 Canadian women) on being early arrivals for his van trip on the road to Hana. So we got off to a good start and we strongly recommend the early am departure. We also recommend Scott, who is enthusiastic and full of information. "Ladies..." he would alert us, and gave full time tothe landmarks on that winding road, plus directions of best photo ops. 4 Stars for Scott.Lunch could be tastier, setting questionable for poor weather. Possible restaurant venue with a little more attention to content?The helicopter trip was a unique rewarding experience. I didn't like the music burstsbut others did. Glenda (pilot) very capable. We missed the crater because of cloudsbut nature is unpredictable. Overall, I would give this trip 4 Stars and emphasize an early start.

by Tuija Samoyloff on temptationtours.com
Road To Hana

Had a lovely trip to Hana with our guide Scott Ferguson ... he really made an extra effort to make sure we experienced every “Road to Hana” highlight ... he was full of information, he took pictures for us, prepared a delicious lunch, made us feel totally comfortable and he knew all the right spots to stop and enjoy.... I would highly recommend Scott for your tour guide...he is #1! Love Maui ❤️...coming back one day ????

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