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You know you want to take a Road to Hana Tour with Temptation Tours, but which one should you choose? The following are some insider tips to help you select the one that’s just right for you!

Hana Picnic <– Click for more information
Great for families looking for a laid-back day on the Road to Hana
Delightful picnic lunch and swimming at a black sand beach
More time for swimming, including Waianapanapa State Park and Pua’a Ka’a State Park

Hana Cave-Quest <– Click for more information
Perfect for adventurous lovers of the outdoors
Tour the world-famous Ka’eleku Caverns and enjoy a picnic lunch on their serene grounds
Take a dip in a fresh, natural waterfall pool

Hana Sky-Trek <– Click for more information
A combination land and sky tour – perfect for travelers who want to do it all
Swimming stop at Pua’a Ka’a State Park
Breathtaking helicopter tour over Hana and Haleakala

Hana Ultimate <– Click for more information
The ultimate in luxury – a romantic, gourmet tour, perfect for foodies
Full run-of-the-menu restaurant breakfast in Paia
Three-course gourmet luncheon at the Travaasa Hotel in Hana


Travaasa Hana Hotel


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