As winter surrounds us on cold, dark days, why do we all dream of going to Hawai’i?

With winter weather upon us, we often start to feel like we need a getaway. No matter how much we love our home and community, getting away is always good for us.

Even those of us who live in Hawai’i need a getaway.  

People ask us why we have to go on a vacation when we live in paradise. We will joke with them and say, because there is Italy! And, because coming home to magical Hawai’i is super sweet, for sure.  

It is no different for those who live in Hawai’i than anywhere else. It is fun for all of us to go and see other places and have new experiences. And to be inspired by something new and totally different than our lives at home. It is also fun to take a trip to somewhere you love, meeting up with people you have met on your previous travels.

Today, we will talk about the mysterious pull that Hawai’i has on so many of us, a pull so strong that it enters our dreams.

What could be a better dream  than escaping to the most remote island chain in the world?

The obvious things that pull us here to Hawai’i are the weather, the beaches, the flower scents on tropical breezes, and the outrageous magical colors. Oh, the colors! Is the sky so blue anywhere else in the world? The magical shapes of the clouds against the bluest of blue sky can make your heart sing!

Another, less obvious thing is that, even though Hawai’i is the 50th US state, it is unlike anywhere else in the USA. So, coming to Hawai’i feels a bit like going to another country without crossing any borders.

Another draw is that the people here are so diverse, and the population is filled with so many ethnic people from our large global family. This creates the islands to be a virtual melting pot of all of Polynesia and many other nationalities from afar. The culture is rich and the language soft, musical, and alluring – a pleasure to be around.

And the food! Some people’s dreams are only about having their favorite foods in Hawai’i!

Traditional foods of many nationalities have blended together in the islands to create a cuisine we call Pacific Rim Cuisine, or, in the local vernacular, Ono Grindz.  Usually enjoyed on the lanai, al fresco.

In conversations about food, Hawai’i is often compared to Sicily, where food preparation styles from Italy have merged with many styles of cooking, from around the Mediterranean, including Greece and parts of North Africa. 

Hawai’i has one unfair advantage over so many Foodie Destinations. It is the fresh fish caught here, straight out of the Pacific Ocean that morning and on your plate by dinner time! People often go home dreaming of the succulent fish dishes they had and dream of coming back for more. 


Of course, for breakfast or brunch, many visitors can’t get enough of the fresh mangos, papayas, baby apple bananas, coconuts, avocados, and many other types of fresh tropical fruit; all picked ripe off the tree, so they explode with fresh flavor. No wonder we dream of the food we have here when we are far away.

At some point, we finish our meal, and we go for a walk and, boom!


More Hawaiian magic – there’s a gorgeous double rainbow, straight ahead!

The rainbows are just the icing on the cake, along with the colorful birds and butterflies fluttering by. Nary a day goes by that there is not a rainbow gracing the sky or butterflies floating by somewhere.

Another thing we dream of returning to Hawai’i for is the energy and pace of the islands. The cadence is much more relaxed than the rhythm of the mainland (a place we islanders call The States). When island people pick up their pace because they may be in a hurry, it is similar to a relaxed main-lander. We really recommend that everyone embrace the snail’s pace on the islands. It’s part of the charm and definitely good for your health.

We sometimes joke about life on Maui being like life on a farm. At any moment, you can find yourself driving behind a slow-moving trailer pulling horses or cows or behind someone driving 8 miles an hour on a backhoe. The backhoe is probably heading to a friend’s house a few miles away to help them on a project. This is a beautiful moment to relax and take in the sites as you slow down for these vehicles.

Hawai’i is also family-friendly to da max! Children are welcomed and encouraged everywhere. And, generally, they love to spend time at the beach. They frolic and squeal with joy, all the while swimming, boogie boarding, building sandcastles and moats, and of course, collecting treasures washed up from the ocean.

Maybe you dream of coming to Hawai’i for romantic reasons? Hawai’i is number one on the romance scale. Observing or participating in a proposal or wedding during a sunset on the beach can literally take your breath away. Even if it is from a distance, you can feel the magic. 


Fun facts:  According to marriage license statistics, there are 21,000 weddings a year in the state of Hawai’i. And, over half a million come back for their honeymoon in the islands. And then, many return again for their anniversaries. 

So many weddings and anniversaries mean that romance is always in the air in Hawai’i.

Now that you are getting serious about fulfilling your dream to come to Hawai’i this winter, we have many blogs to assist you in your trip planning.  

If you only have a few days, here are some tips:

Want to learn more about rainbows?

It’s winter, and Hawai’i is tons of fun!

One last thought: Don’t miss experiencing the Road to Hana!

We have incredible tours to take you on the Road to Hana and would love to spend the day with you.  

Whether you fulfill your dream of visiting Hawai’i – winter or summer – we are sure you will bring home vivid memories and dreams of your experience that will last you a lifetime.


Writing and Graphic Design by Sugandha Ferro Black



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