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How to find Deals on our Luxury Maui Tours

We host guests on our Luxury Maui adventures every day, and our Hawaii-Certified Tour Guides show them the very best that Maui has to offer on tours to Hana, Haleakala, and more. Countless guests have told us how the small-group experience and traveling in a comfortable Luxury Limo-Van has made all the difference in the world in their touring experience, and we want to share our top-notch service with everyone who visits Maui! To find out how to find the best deals on our award-winning tours, read on!

Book Direct – Simply by booking your tour directly with us (rather than going through a concierge or third-party booking service), you’ll save up to 15% on the retail price of any adventure! For example, on our Hana Sky-Trek, a party of two will save over $85.00 over the retail rate—enough for another dinner at Star Noodle!

Book More – Book any two tours with us, and receive $10 cash back per person during your second tour—and yes, that’s on top of the direct-booking discount! Stick with us for all of your Maui Adventures, and watch your savings pile up.

Follow Us!  – Want the latest news on our insider-only specials? Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for flash sales on our most popular tours. You’ll also be treated to beautiful photos of Maui, links of interest before your trip, and a feed of our weekly Maui travel blog.

We want everyone visiting Maui to join us on tour, and we hope these helpful hints will make planning your Maui trip—and budget—a breeze! See you soon, saver!

Haleakala Sunrise: Why Take a Tour?

When it comes to the Road to Hana, most folks know whether they want to venture out on their own (and maybe spend a few days in East Maui tranquility), or join a tour to experience this incredible journey stress-free. As far as the Sunrise at Haleakala, though, people’s decisions aren’t always as clear-cut. While we certainly encourage everyone to do Maui their own way, we’d like to point out a few reasons why you might decide to join us for your Sunrise journey!

So, we should leave… when? Figuring out when you need to leave your hotel to make it to Sunrise on your own might make you feel like you need to be a geography expert, a meteorologist, and a math whiz, all in one—with a bit of a local-news traffic reporter thrown in as well! We know plenty of folks who have driven to the National Park only to miss the sunrise—and yep, including me! If you join us on our popular Haleakala Sunrise tour, however, you can leave the timing to us! We’ll give you a friendly reminder call the day before, and all you need to do is meet us at the lobby! Bonus: if you’re still a little groggy from the pre-dawn wake-up, you’re more than welcome to snooze in the Limo-Van on the way up!

Wait, I needed a reservation? Yep, as we’ve mentioned, private and rental vehicles heading to the Summit of Haleakala for Sunrise are required to reserve their parking spot in advance. This doesn’t apply to commercial touring vehicles though, so even if you couldn’t snag a spot on your own, you’re still welcome to join us on any available Sunrise tour!

Where do we go? Going along with knowing the exact right time to head up to the 10,023-foot Summit of Haleakala is getting there in time to secure a prime viewing spot for Sunrise. If you’ve been there, you know how quickly the park can fill up with bundled-up Sunrise-goers! Our Tour Guides pride themselves on getting our guests to the Summit in plenty of time to stargaze, have a snack, and get that perfect spot to see Sunrise. Think of it this way: when you go with Temptation Tours, you can bet on having “front-row seats” to one of Mother Nature’s most incredible shows.

What’s this plant over here? Once you get to Haleakala National Park, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of questions. How did this famous dormant volcano form? And, what’s a dormant volcano? What’s the deal with these weird plants? What island is that in the distance? All these questions—and more—can be answered by your Hawaii Certified Tour Guide, a veritable expert on all things Haleakala, Maui, and Hawaii in general. Your Tour Guide will be with you from start to finish during your tour, fully narrating your journey to the top of Mt. Haleakala and back.

Who’s hungry? After Sunrise, most folks are ready for a hearty breakfast. Rather than waiting for a table at a popular upcountry restaurant (or worse, driving home hungry), your Hawaii-Certified Tour Guide will have pre-confirmed reservations at one of Maui’s most celebrated upcountry restaurants, and your run-of-the-menu breakfast is included in your tour price!

When it comes down to it, the easiest way to experience this incredible Maui landmark is to join one of our small-group Luxury tours, and let our Hawaii-Certified Tour Guide lead the way. You’ll learn more than you ever thought possible about Maui’s history, culture, and ecology, all while traveling in style and comfort!

We hope to see you soon!

Hawaiian Words to Look For!

alohaWhen you’re in Hawaii, it’s impossible to go even a day (maybe even an hour) without coming across a Hawaiian word. Whether it’s city names, street names, or just the sprinkling of words that can be found in everyday conversation, ‘olelo Hawai’i is everywhere! Here are some words you might come across during your stay on any of our beautiful islands.

Aloha – Of course, in Hawaii, “aloha” is everywhere—and not just the word! While it’s generally used as a greeting or a farewell, the “aloha spirit” is something you’ll hear about and experience while in Hawaii. This spirit of welcoming, friendliness, and goodwill is a crucial element of Hawaiian culture, and it’s one of the things that makes Hawaii so wonderful!

Mahalo – You’ll see the Hawaiian word for “thank you” everywhere in Hawaii, and hear it as well! From servers to shop clerks, flight attendants to Tour Guides, “mahalo” is the way many people in Hawaii express sincere gratitude.

Mauka and Makai – If you hear these words when asking directions, don’t fret! “Mauka” means “mountain-side” and “Makai” means “sea-side.” So, if the restaurant you’re looking for is “mauka” of the mall, look toward the mountain.

‘Aina – This important word means “land,” and you might see or hear it used in the context of “preserve our ‘aina.” Hawaii residents are very protective of our beautiful natural surroundings, and we work together to keep our ‘aina beautiful.

E komo mai – You’ll hear this phrase at restaurants, hotels, and maybe even on board your airplane. It simply means “Welcome” or “come in!”

‘Ono – One of our favorite Hawaiian words means simply “delicious!” You’ll see this easy Hawaiian word on restaurant signage and menus—sometimes as the awesome Hawaiian-English portmanteau “onolicious!”

In Hawaii, Hawaiian is everywhere, and the language itself has seen an increase in fluent speakers over the last few decades. If you listen closely, you might even hear conversations between some local residents completely in Hawaiian! Of course, the majority of Hawaii’s population isn’t near fluent, but certain words and phrases pepper our dialect and make Hawaii one of the most unique places in the United States!

Time for another TripAdvisor Round-Up!

TRIPADVISORWe love our guests, and they love us back! It’s neat how that works out, huh? Check out some of our recent fantastic TripAdvisor reviews from guests who have simply loved their time with Temptation Tours!

Screenshot (4)

This guest was thrilled with her Hana Ultimate, led by none other than Melany! It’s amazing how many reviews for Melany say that they feel like they’re traveling with a good friend when they join her for a Road to Hana adventure. This guest really enjoyed the included meals, too– a stop at Cafe Mambo in Paia for breakfast, and a relaxing four-course luncheon at the Travaasa in Hana. If you want to “give into Temptation” as well, book a Hana Ultimate tour soon!

Screenshot (5)

This guest had a wonderful experience on their Haleakala Sunrise tour with Al– and included some INCREDIBLE photos of their sunrise experience! Al’s an incredibly friendly, extremely enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable member of our Tour Guide team, and he really hit it out of the park for these guests– serving up a “home run” experience! Kudos to Al!

Screenshot (1)

Gayle was behind the wheel for this tour, hosting guests joining us from a cruise ship. From learning all about the unique ecosystem on the Road to Hana, to sitting down to enjoy a gluten-free lunch option during the day, this guest recommends hopping on board for the Hana Picnic tour!

Screenshot (2)

Another great one for Gayle– with even more accolades for our delightful picnic lunch! Even the pickiest of eaters are sure to enjoy fresh, Pacific Rim Cuisine on one of our scenic Maui adventures. On a Hana Cave-Quest, you’ll visit the Ka’eleku Caverns, which were formed by an ancient lava flow from the now-dormant Mt. Haleakala. Talk to us soon to experience this “First Class” tour yourself!

Screenshot (3)

This wonderful review for a Hana Picnic tour with Paul really highlights all the best points of any of our tours. You’ll get to relax, learn about the history, culture, and natural life of the Hawaiian islands, and sit down to a fantastic meal. It sounds like this guest was inspired by the beautiful surroundings on the Road to Hana– and you will be too!


Check out our TripAdvisor page and see what else guests are saying about our tours, our company, our Luxury Limo-Vans, and of course, our Tour Guides! Don’t forget to leave your own review if you’ve had the opportunity to join us– and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

Sunrise at Haleakala – New Reservations System for 2017

sunrise_2017If you’re planning a trip to Maui anytime soon, you might be planning a trip to the Summit of Haleakala to see the Sunrise—whether by tour, or on your own. While they’re both great options, you should note that starting February 1st, 2017, all private vehicles (rental cars and local residents) will need to have a reservation to get to the Summit to view the sunrise. Vehicles without a reservation will need to wait until 7:00 AM to be allowed into the Summit parking area.

If you are planning on visiting the Summit for Sunrise on your own, be sure to reserve your spot online at recreation.gov ahead of time, up to two months in advance. A reservation for a parking spot costs $1.50 online, and is non-transferrable. You’ll need to provide identification that matches the name under which the reservation is made.

This reservation system is a step taken by the National Park Service to eliminate over-crowding at the National Park, helping to protect and preserve this sacred Maui location. With the growing popularity of the Sunrise at Haleakala, more and more private vehicles arrive at the Summit each day—leading to delays at the entrance gate, increased littering, and damage to the fragile plant and animal life found at Haleakala National Park.

One way to even further minimize the environmental impact to Haleakala is to book a Haleakala Sunrise tour with a Sustainable Tour Operator, which is a company that provides unique, culturally significant touring experiences that help to minimize the environmental impact of touring, as well as actively work to improve Hawaii’s environmental well-being. Currently, Temptation Tours is the only Certified Sustainable Tour Operator that is also permitted to conduct Sunrise tours by the Haleakala National Park Services.

To ensure your spot at the Summit for this unforgettable experience, call us or book online today! Don’t miss out on the Sunrise at Haleakala, and do your part to keep Haleakala beautiful for generations to come.

Maui Bucket List!

bucket_listThe idea of a “bucket list” trip is a popular one, and plenty of people are making their way to the Valley Isle to cross a few items off their list of experiences they simply MUST have in their lifetime! Working on your Maui bucket list? Here’s a few things to get you started!

Sunrise at Haleakala – No Maui bucket list would be complete without watching the new day dawn from 10,023 feet above the rest of the world atop Maui’s dormant volcano.

Black Sand Beach – Digging your toes into jet-black sand at one of Maui’s most beautiful seaside spots is an absolute MUST.

Local Fruit Breakfast – At least one morning during your stay, take the time to sit on your lanai, soak in the early morning sun, and enjoy a variety of fresh, local, tropical fruit to start your day. Bonus points: enjoy a freshly-brewed cup of local Maui coffee too!

Whale-Watch – If seeing huge humpback whales breach in the calm Pacific Ocean is a necessity for you, then book your trip between December and April.

Swim under a Waterfall Join us for one of our Road to Hana tours for a chance to swim under a cascading, refreshing waterfall along the world-famous Hana Highway!

Stop and Smell the FlowersWith numerous places to see amazing floral life, this is an easy one! We recommend Ali’i Kula Lavender, where you can feast your senses on an incredible number of lavender varieties, and pick up every lavender-based product imaginable in their adorable gift shop.

Shop, shop, SHOP! – While not many people think of Maui as a shopping destination, don’t forget to take advantage of the quaint boutiques and interesting souvenir shops to be found in Paia, Makawao, Front Street Lahaina, and more!

Eat– While we can’t list all the things we think are non-negotiable Maui must-haves, make sure you get some fresh fish, some hearty saimin, and at least one plate lunch!

Drink… – Don’t forget to hit up at least one happy hour for unique, tropical beverages! Don’t forget to toast to your Maui getaway with a mai-tai, lava flow, or Blue Hawaiian. Sure, they’re tacky, but oh so fun!

And Be Merry!Make friends, attend one of Maui’s Friday town parties, go to a Luau, get shave ice, snorkel—live it up! You’re on Maui!

Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park

puaa_kaaIf you’re joining us on a Road to Hana tour, one of the highlights of your experience will be an opportunity to swim at a fresh, natural waterfall pool—right in the middle of the rainforest! As long as conditions are safe, your Hawaii-Certified Tour Guide will escort you to Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park for a relaxing (and refreshing) dip in the serene pool, featuring a cascading waterfall.

On your tour, either to or from Hana, you’ll have the opportunity to don your swimsuits (ample restrooms are located at this park for easy changing!) and make a short climb over some rocks and make your way to the pool. As the waterfall flows with fresh mountain water, the swim is certainly refreshing, but quite pleasant on a balmy afternoon in the rainforest.

Not a swimmer? Sit back with an ice-cold bottled water or tropical fruit juice provided by your Tour Guide at one of the shaded picnic tables and simply enjoy the scenery. Lush green plant life, specked with brilliant tropical flowers, makes for an incredible sight to simply experience.

Whether you’ll be joining your fellow travelers for a swim, or taking advantage of this respite from the “real world,” we’re sure that Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park will be one of the many memorable parts of your Road to Hana journey!

Quick Guide to our Luxury Maui Tours

quick_guideIf you’re planning your next trip to Maui, you might be overwhelmed with all the tour choices available! Once you’ve decided to travel with Temptation Tours—because, let’s face it, you know you want to travel in a Luxury Limo-Van, led by a Hawaii-Certified Tour Guide, in an intimate, small-group setting—you might have a hard time choosing between our nine different Luxury tours! Not to worry—a great first step is right here: a handy guide with the basics of each tour, boiled down to a short-and-sweet description. Click on the tour names for more details, once you find one that catches your eye!

Hana Sky-Trek – Our half-day adventure between Kahului and Hana that travels one way by Limo-Van and one way by state-of-the-art helicopter.

Haleakala Sun-Trek – A stunning flight above Haleakala crater, a visit to a hip breakfast spot, and a tour of upcountry’s most unique culinary attractions.

Hana Picnic – A fun and relaxing drive on the Road to Hana and back, including stops for swimming and a beach-side picnic lunch.

Hana Cave-Quest – A full-day Road to Hana adventure, including a one-hour tour of Hana’s hidden gem: the underground caves of Ka’eleku Caverns.

Summit Lavender Sojourn – A fun trip to Haleakala, Maui’s famous lavender farm, winery, and more!

Haleakala Sunrise – An early-morning trip to Haleakala for the unforgettable sunrise, followed by a hearty, run-of-the-menu upcountry breakfast.

Crater & Rainforest – Enjoy the best of both worlds with this full-day tour that includes a trip to Haleakala and a journey into the rainforest, halfway to Hana.

Hana Ultimate – The ultimate Road to Hana adventure includes a full-day Road to Hana tour with stops for both breakfast and lunch at two of Maui’s most unique dining locations.

Private Charter – Your tour, your Maui, your way. Call us to start planning your exclusive Maui tour!

Have even more questions? Give us a call, or send us an email! A reservations agent will assist you in choosing, scheduling, and confirming your unforgettable Luxury Maui adventure!

What “Luxury” Means to Us!

maui luxury toursThere are plenty of options when touring the natural attractions found on Maui. When you’re looking for a truly luxury, relaxing, and worry-free adventure, though, Temptation Tours is your answer. What does “luxury” mean for us? Read on!

Luxury Customer Service
From the time you pick up the phone, or type us an email, a dedicated reservationist handles each and every question or concern personally, even before you book your tour. Each guest receives a personal confirmation reminder call the day before their tour by a Maui-based reservationist with final departure time, and to assist with any last-minute questions before an exciting tour! Do you have something more special in mind than one of our pre-scheduled tours? Please call us, and a reservationist will assist you in creating the perfect tour for your time on Maui.

Luxury Pick-Up
For all of our land-based tours, you’ll be picked up conveniently at your hotel, condo, resort, or private residences, in most cases right outside your front lobby. Wherever you’re staying, just let us know, and we’ll do our best to get right to your front door for both pick-up and return.

Luxury Vehicles
Here’s where you’ll really start to feel like a VIP: step into one of our Luxury Limo-Vans. With luxurious leather captain’s chairs for each guest, as well as panoramic windows, high roof (for easy maneuvering in and out), and elegantly appointed cup-holders on board, you’ll be traveling in comfort and style on the Road to Hana and upcountry to Hana and Haleakala. No cramped, vinyl seats, and everyone gets a stellar view of the surrounding tropical beauty. Furthermore, your group will consist of no more than eight guests, making for a comfortable, small group experience.

Luxury Experience
Your Hawaii-Certified Tour Guide isn’t just there to drive you around and tell a few cheesy jokes! Your Tour Guide provides high-quality, accurate narration during every moment of your tour, and will customize his or her narration to suit the interests of the group. Plant lovers? Look no further than your Tour Guide to point out the endemic and indigenous plant species to be found on the Valley Isle. Armchair historian? Your Tour Guide will explain how Hawaii’s fascinating historical events tie in to what you’re seeing on tour. World traveler? While traversing Maui’s rainforest or cool upcountry, your Tour Guide will point out the similarities between our unique micro-climates and those around the planet.

When you tour with Temptation Tours, you’ll find luxury in every aspect of your adventure. If a top-notch experience is your priority, let us know, and we’ll take care of the rest!

We’re All About Hawaii!

allabouthawaiiEvery day, we take our guests around Maui to see the incredible natural sights and beautiful scenery on the Road to Hana, atop Mt. Haleakala, and beyond. Our Hawaii-Certified Tour Guides are committed to providing entertaining, engaging, and accurate narration throughout our tours, leaving guests with a newfound knowledge of Maui, and the Hawaiian Islands in general.

At Temptation Tours, we go even further with our commitment to our island and state, and keep our operations as close to home as we possibly can! Here are just some of the ways we “keep it local” at Temptation Tours:

  • Brochures and other printed material are printed right here in Hawaii.
  • Food and drinks served on tour—including our bottled water—are locally-produced whenever possible.
  • We include locally-owned-and-operated restaurants and vendors—such as Surfing Goat Dairy, Coconut Glen’s Ice Cream, and Hana Tropicals—during our tours—read more about our local vendors here!
  • Our reservations offices are located in the heart of Central Maui.
  • Our online-booking system was designed and is maintained locally in Hawaii.
  • Temptation Tours’ operations are fully licensed and registered with the State of Hawaii.

Of course, this isn’t all the ways that Temptation Tours supports Hawaii! Your Hawaii-Certified Tour Guide will be happy to share even more with you during your tour. Remember to choose local when booking your next Maui adventure!